Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For Met fans, the cruelest month begins

At least the Jets got Braylon Edwards. The Jets are all I have to look forward to during what promises to be a miserable month.

The Yankees would be rolling to the World Series even without the shenanigans of the AL Central. I was rooting for the Tigers because I thought they would at least have a shot with Justin Verlander pitching Game 2 and a potential Game 5. Also, we would get to see every camera on Miguel Cabrera to see if he would drink any champagne during the division-winning celebration.

Instead, we get the Twins on no sleep with Brian Duensing going up against CC Sabathia. Good luck with that.

Squawker Lisa has noted that the Yankees have trouble with unknown pitchers that they have never seen. Duensing is fairly unknown, but the Yankees did see him on July 7, when Duensing pitched 2 2/3 innings in relief, giving up four earned runs on two hits and four walks.

Duensing relieved Scott Baker, who lasted only three innings, giving up five earned runs in his only appearance against the Yankees this year.

When Nick Blackburn faced the Yanks, he gave up four earned runs in 7 2/3.

So that means that the only likely Twins starter who did well against the Yankees this year is...

Carl Pavano.

The pitcher Lisa likes to call the Iron Horse had a 2.70 ERA in 13 1/3 innings over two starts against the Bombers while pitching for Cleveland earlier this year.

So much for that series. Yankees in four (scrappy Twins will steal a game).

At least the other ones figure to be closer. I'll go with the Angels to finally get past the Red Sox in the postseason. In the NL, losing de la Rosa hurts the Rockies, so it's the Phillies along with the Cardinals.

So I'll get to watch the Yankees and Phillies enjoy the postseason (at least I think the Cards can knock off Philly in the NLCS) while the Mets figure out the best way to utilize the baseball smarts of Razor Shines.

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