Monday, October 26, 2009

So what should we call this Yankees-Phillies World Series?

Here are the words I've wanted to say for six years: The Yankees are going to the World Series!

What a night. I stayed up very late rewatching all the coverage. How cool is it to have the Yankees finally going to the World Series? Hooray!

I was also trying to figure out what we call this series - the Turnpike Tumult? CC and the Cheesesteak? Ben Franklin vs. the Benjamins?  And will the Yankees run that "Rocky" clip against the Phillies?

Anyhow, here are a few of my other thoughts from last night's win:

* The Yankees exorcised a bunch of demons last night. They finally bested the Angels and their stupid rally monkey, and they also ended the 2004 worry/jinx/concern/whatever you want to call it. (And, yes, I know that Red Sox fans will say that their team still has the upper hand there. Why, exactly? The Yanks could have beaten Boston this year, but their team got swept by those same Angels. Sox fans, you can enjoy re-watching your 2004 "Faith Rewarded" DVD. The rest of us have 2009 World Series games to watch!)

* The Stadium was as loud as I've heard it on TV this year. Fans seemed ready to will the team to win.

* Maybe it is all about the hair. The new Swish-Hawk seemed to bring Nick Swisher some luck!

* When Johnny Damon was up with the bases loaded in the fourth, I was thinking "grand slam," but a two-run single to put the Yankees head was pretty cool as well.

* How about A-Rod with that clutch walk? I still think he should have gotten MVP, or at least shared the award with CC. Sabathia deserved the MVP, but A-Rod did too.

* And Bobby Abreu finally touches the wall! What's up with that?

* Andy Pettitte finally won a Game 6, after three previous losses - 2001 and twice in 2003. He looked like the Big-Game Andy of old. And Mariano Rivera did give up a run, but he still looked like good old Mo.

* The wheels really came off for the Angels in the bottom of the eighth, didn't they? Two bunts, and two terrible throws. Scott Kazmir's throw was particularly horrendous. Maybe Rick Peterson needs to fix him in 10 minutes!

* Very touching Yankee celebration. I'm not ashamed to admit that I got teary-eyed watching it, especially seeing Posada and Rivera hug, and Jeter, A-Rod, and Teixeira embrace. That's the good stuff.

* The bad stuff was the FOX camera work. They messed up with the Phillies-Dodgers series, and they messed up here. From the shaky camera to the bad angles, they did a lousy job of capturing much of the moments. There were a lot of touching scenes there - too bad they messed up the first time, although they did partially redeem themselves later on with some the other shots.

* The Fox voices were terrible, too. Joe Buck's "the Yankees win the pennant" call had about as much emotion to it as him saying "yes, I would like fresh pepper on my meal, please." And Ken Rosenthal channelled Jim Grey with his postgamequestions to Derek Jeter - right off the bat, he was super-negative, without even congratulating the captain. Jeter put him in his place but good, though!

* Hal Steinbrenner sounds like his father, but looks like Tucker Carlson. Quite a match.

* I'm sorry, I'm not digging the looks of the AL Championship hats and shirts. Like what they represent, of course, but I'm not crazy about the style.

* Was cool that they had a long celebration. I also liked how Jeter said they were going to savor this.

Anyhow, what are your observations? Tell us about it!


Rebecca said...

Turnpike Series

Jonmouk71 said...

Lisa - a couple of things:
1. The hats were awful! What is it lately with these crummy hats - the Giants Super Bowl hat was just as bad. 2. Mike Scioscia had a Joe Torre-like series - I don't know what he was thinking with some of his moves - he takes out Guerrero and Mathis late and they were his most consistant offensive players. 3. Where was Jepsen? He got away with Oliver for two innings but no way he should have chosen Kazmir in the 8th. 4. How about the "We both don't like New Jersey" Turnpike Series.........

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Same thoughts here! Loud crowd, Abreu touching the wall, hated the ALCS hats (are they leftover props from Deliverance?) and, as you posted on Facebook, Kay admitting he was wrong about "pie in the face not being the Yankee way."
Mo got a run scored against but all well bloop hits or grounders thru the infield.
Agree that A-Rod was great but CC spared us of the need of a fourth starter.

The Cycle said...

You know what I'm wondering, why do the Yankees have the trophy ceremonies in the locker room when every other team celebrates on their field so the fans in the stadium can watch it live. Plus, NHL and NBA do their ceremonies on the ice or court regard if they're home or away. This isn't 1977, I don't think the Yankee players are in trouble if they stay on the field a little longer.

NAM said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it was worth the having to wait an extra day!

Anonymous said...

I heard it's being dubbed the "Liberty Series" ...New York's Statue of Libery Vs Philly's Liberty Bell. Sounds good to me ...

Just in case I haven't mentioned it before ...I LOVE THIS TEAM !!! :o)



Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noreen ...

Thanks for the good wishes ...Hope all is well with you.


Go Yankees 2009 !!

NAM said...

Hi Peggy,

You must be so excited!!!!

I think the Libery Series is a great name.

I think the Mayors bet should be for NY Cheese Cake v. Philly Cheese Steaks.

Good Luck! Bring it back to the AL where it belongs. (It is pretty cool that the AL East is reprsenting the AL in WS for three years in a row.)


Anonymous said...

Noreen ..

I couldn't get to sleep till after 3:00 am and I'm still so hyped I'm not a bit tired today. I'm just happy the bosses are out today so I can enjoy the day completely !!

I like the Liberty Series too and I like the food choices for bets...good going ..NY Cheese Cake vs Philly Cheese Steaks... :o)
(now I'm hungry for BOTH with some Boston Baked Beans on the side...haha).

Can't wait for Wednesday ...


Go Yankees 2009 !!1

NAM said...



It is hard to get to sleep after a big win. What times to the games start? I hope they don't go back to 9:15. It is exhausting. But if all ends well - who cares!

Get some rest these next two nights.


Amy said...

I was rooting for the Angels, that's too bad they lost. Go Phillies!!

Paul from Boston said...

First off - let me offer my congrats on your ALCS win - I commented on your last post because this wasn't up yet, but this is clearly the more appropriate place.

Even if I owned that DVD I'd still be watching the WS. I won't alter plans to watch like I did when the Sox were in it, but I'll certainly watch a decent portion of it. Figures to be a good series. I like the sub-plots (CC/Lee and Pedro's return) even if they are a bit media contrived.


Claude Scales said...

Following Paul from Boston, let me add a Mets fan's (and Red Sox backer in the AL) congrats to the Yanks on a great close to an exciting ALCS.

Being a railfan, I'd call it the Amtrak Series. said...

I've heard television personalities refer to this as the Turnpike Series. I can't wait for it to start. I think the Yankees will win in five games.

The Emperor said...

I'm so happy and so proud right now. The fact that we finally defeated our biggest nemesis this decade and did so in an ALCS means a tremendous lot.

The Phillies are going to be very tough, let's make no mistake about it, but you know what? We're very tough, too. It's going to be a long, nerve-racking series, but I feel we will take it all.

Yanks win in 7.

Bklynfan said...

Emp - I agree that the Phillies are tough and it is going to be nerve-racking. I have no doubt that the Yanks will be the champs. I hope the Yanks take it in 6. I am flying to Europe on the 5th and I do not to want to miss seeing them win!

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