Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who's your daddy? Yankee nemesis Pedro Martinez set to pitch Game 2

Oh goody. As if this Philadelphia-New York World Series weren't already intense enough, Phillies pitcher - and longtime villain - Pedro Martinez is going to pitch Game 2. At Yankee Stadium. Wonder if some t-shirt sellers will dig up those old "Who's Your Daddy" duds to mark the occasion.

Unlike most Yankee fans, I think Pedro Martinez is one of the more interesting, intelligent characters in baseball - he's funny, entertaining and even eloquent, as I noted in this Faster Times piece. I enjoyed seeing him knock the Mets out of the playoffs this year. But I hope he loses - bigtime - against the Yankees Thursday, with him babbling under the mango tree when all is said and done!

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Anonymous said...

I found my t-shirt and am wearing it proudly when he pitches...I despise Pedro!

Uncle Mike said...

Odds that the Punk will hit Jeter: 3-1.

Odds that he'll hit A-Rod: 4-1.

Odds that he'll hit Tex: 7-1.

Odds that he'll hit Cano: 8-1.

Odds that he'll hit somebody, and it will be blatantly obvious that he meant to do it: Even freaking money.

Odds that he'll walk out of YS2 as the winning pitcher: 25-1. If he's still in the game after 100 pitches, the odds rise to 100-1. If it's still in the game after 105 pitches, 1,000-1. If Brad Lidge relieves him, it goes off the board.

Odds that A.J. Burnett retaliates: I'd rather not guess. He's more likely to do it than CC or Andy, though. Then there's Joba...

Odds that Charlie Manuel tells Pedro not to pull that stuff: 2-1.

Odds that, if Manuel tells Pedro not to pull that stuff, Pedro obeys: A jillion to one.

PhilliesIn4 said...

Odds that Uncle Mike backs up his bold statements by giving me those odds when I take his bet(s)???

Unknown said...

News Flash: Pedro becomes NY's Daddy tonight!!!
You haven't be paying attention NY...
Pedro's gonna go crazy on your team. Turn out the lights and meet "Your Daddy"!!!!

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