Monday, October 12, 2009

My thoughts on the Yankees sweep of the Twins, and whether Carl Pavano should be a Met

Well, my prediction that the Yankees would win the ALDS in four games was a bit off the mark - they did it in three. But I was correct that Carl Pavano would give the Yankees fits. I was pretty cranky when watching the  game, and watching the Yankees flail against him. So Alex Rodriguez's homer to tie the game, and Jorge Posada's to get the lead, were pretty satisfying.

I'm not big on unnecessary cap-tipping, but give Pavano credit for shutting the Yankees down for most of the game, and for being perhaps the toughest starter the Yankees have faced this year. I'm not kidding about that comparison - at least the Yanks beat up on Roy Halladay a few times this  year. Pavano, on the other hand, pitched three quality, huge starts against the Yanks this year, the strongest one in a playoff game. I predict some team will reward him handsomely next season. Squawker Jon, how about Pavano as a Met?  Imagine if he becomes the Mets' Iron Horse!

By the way, I enjoyed watching the Yankees beat up on Joe Nathan and the other Twins pitchers. Nathan really can't handle the Yankees, can he? It's amusing to watch. But hey, as Squawker Jon noted, he did pick up dirt from the Metrodome after the game. Good grief.

Squawker Jon also mocked the Derek Jeter worship about the Nick Punto play. I think Jeter made a terrific play, and had a phenomenal series. He would be my MVP, after A-Rod, for the ALDS. But the problem with all the unnecessary worship he gets is that when Jeter does have  a spectacular series, like he did this week, it just seems like the praise is the usual over-the-top stuff, when it's actually well-deserved.

Oh, and I loved the postgame celebration stuff last night. That photo above, where A-Rod was trying to sneak up on Jeter, was a scream!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


The Cycle said...

I'm sorry to agree with Squawker Jon, but all I could think about on that play was Nick Punto with a dumb, dumb baserunning mistake. Derek Jeter isn't the only player who could have made that play (Jimmy Rollins comes to mind). If the baserunner is halfway home and fell down, you have to throw home. Actually, let's give Posada a little credit for throwing out Punto since he's had his struggles throwing out runners.

Jonmouk71 said...

BTW - how come none of the media noted (which was very clear in the TV forecast) Jeter's embracing and congratulatory slappings on the back on A-Rod after he hit the tying HR off Nathan in game 2? Jeter was hardly Captain Cold - and it was a great thing to see.

Jonmouk71 said...

As silly as it sounds for another NY team to throw a bunch of money and years at Carl Pavano, signing him as a #2 to Santana may actually make sense. He's head and shoulders above anyone the Mets have on staff at this point. And if the Mets don't sign him, I bet the Phillies will.

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Jeter's play was basic fundamental baseball, stuff the Mets don't do!

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