Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Imagine if Jerry Manuel wore a Jimmy Rollins jersey so he could 'feel like a winner'

The spirit of the 2009 Mets lives on in the Tennessee Titans, who were expected to contend this year but are now 0-6 after getting humiliated by the Patriots, 59-0. Many observers thought that the Titans appeared to give up against New England.

But Titans coach Jeff Fisher has an odd way of bringing the winning spirit back to Tennessee. Fisher appeared in public Tuesday wearing an Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning jersey. Even worse, he told the Nashville crowd that he wore the Manning jersey because "I just wanted to feel like a winner."

ESPN has video here. Be sure to keep watching for Herman Edwards' enthusiastic defense of Fisher. Apparently, you play to look like someone who won the game.

I suppose we should be grateful that Jerry Manuel hasn't donned a Jimmy Rollins or Derek Jeter jersey so he, too, could feel like a winner. Because the way things have been going lately, that is probably his best bet.

But if sports figures are going to wear inappropriate outfits, here are a few more that I would like to see:

Oliver Perez wearing a CC Sabathia jersey: "I just wanted to feel like I was living up to my contract."

Razor Shines wearing Tim McClelland's umpire uniform: "I just wanted to feel like someone who has even less of an idea about what is going on at third base than I do."

Dan Warthen wearing new Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson's jacket: "I just wanted to feel like I once coached a pitching staff into the playoffs... But do I have to wear this jacket when it's 90 degrees?"

Scott Boras wearing a ski mask: I just wanted to feel like I got the Mets to give Matt Holliday Teixeira money.

Omar Minaya wearing no shirt at all: "I just wanted to feel like I was challenging minor leaguers to a fight."


Ed Leyro (and Joey) said...

Jon, it looks like you and I have been going to the same school. (The School of Sarcasm Meets Armageddon) That's some funny, funny stuff!

I can't see Jerry Manuel in a Rollins jersey, though. They only make those jerseys in kids sizes.

Uncle Mike said...

Maybe Gary Cohen could break out one of Lindsey Nelson's old sportsjackets. It would be an eyesore, but Nelson was a broadcaster for a Met team that won a World Series. (Heywood Hale Broun was another sportscaster who was noted for wearing wore loud sportsjackets.)

I was going to suggest to Lisa that she go easy on Tim McClelland, since he was the umpire, then a rookie, who called George Brett out in the Pine Tar Game, and also was behind the plate for David Wells' perfect game. But then I saw that it was Jon who wrote this article, and, not being a Yankee Fan, Jon might not have been aware of those facts.

Maybe Alex Rodriguez is wearing an old Reggie Jackson jersey, with the 44 removed and replaced with his 13. I should check to see if the top button is unbuttoned.

6-2 Phillies after 4. Met fans should be happy about this. After all, they're beating Joe Torre. And they're beating Los Angeles, which stole their grandparents' team away in 1957.

nutballgazette said...

Good Job Jon

Jon Lewin said...

Thanks, Ed, Joey and Gazette. Glad you enjoyed it.
Uncle Mike, at least the Mets do break out Ralph Kiner on a regular basis.

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