Friday, October 9, 2009

Snubbed! Subway Squawkers miss out on Nobel Peace Prize

Ouch! I really thought this would be the year that the Nobel committee would finally recognize Squawker Jon and me for our contributions towards baseball peace. After all, the continued existence of Subway Squawkers proves that a Yankee fan and a Met fan can get along, and even attend games together. Heck, I even bought Jon tickets to a Mets game (I only spent 97 cents on them, but still!)

And what about our work at getting along with Red Sox Nation? We have so many Boston fan readers, plus we even featured a Red Sox writer in our blog. Heck, I have Curt Schilling as a Facebook friend. Doesn't that count for something?

Right now, I'm pulling an A.J. Burnett and going, "Why, why, why?" about the whole thing.

Alas, I may have blown our chances at the Nobel Peace Prize when I trash-talked the Mets a time or two (or three!) But it was all in good fun, I promise!

Yankees better win tonight to take away the pain. Or else!

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Anonymous said...

I actually think you two deserve the Nobel Peace Prize over the actual person who will receive it. At least you two have an actual record of accomplishment and don't rely on the promise of one which may, or may not, happen.

Paul from Boston said...

Ah the travesty of it all!!! The whole Nobel thing is clearly rigged!

I think you'll get your Yankee win - even if AJ blows it I have to think the offense will pick him up. I wonder how many times the camera will focus on Posada in the dugout.

On the topic of the whole personal catcher thing - I am truly shocked to read today that Martinez and NOT Tek will catch Beckett tonight. Curious if that's been the plan or if Francona would have played it differently had the Sox won last night.

NAM said...


I agree. Maybe he can't catch two days in a row. Although, didn't Martinez catch Beckett on his last win?


Wouldn't you rather have a WS title over a Nobel Peace Prize?

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I am hoping mine gets better with a RS win.

Uncle Mike said...

Let the record show that a President's favorite team rarely does well while he's in office: Bush's Rangers were awful, Clinton's Cardinals blew a sure Pennant in '96 and didn't win any others, Daddy Bush's Astros didn't reach the Playoffs, Reagan's Angels blew two one-win-to-go ALCSes while he was in office, Carter's Braves were dreadful, Ford's Tigers got old in a hurry and fell apart, Nixon's Angels weren't very good, Johnson's Astros were still an expansion team, and Kennedy's Red Sox were in a long drought. Prior to that, considering where Presidents came from, it's a little difficult to tell who they rooted for, although New York State native FDR was seen at a few Yankee games, but also claimed to have rooted for the Dodgers.

Enjoy the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. President, because your beloved White Sox may soon wish that John McCain had won.

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