Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lisa's Baseball Bloggers Alliance AL Rookie of the Year picks

I  did a Baseball Bloggers Alliance ballot for the AL  Rookie of the Year. Here are my picks:

1. Andrew Bailey, Relief Pitcher, Oakland Athletics: This rookie closer is something else - 26 saves, 6-3 record, a 1.84 ERA, and 91 strikeouts. Too bad he plays for Oakland and has a generic name - he should be as famous as Joba.

2. Rick Porcello, Starting Pitcher, Detroit Tigers: He got off to a rough start, with a 1-3,  6.23 ERA, but Porcello quickly improved, and he ended up with a 14-9 record, with a 3.96 ERA. Helped the Tigers in their playoff run.

3. Elvis Andrus, Shortstop, Texas Rangers: Elvis is everywhere - on the field with his great defense. His hitting  -.267 BA, 6 HR,  40 RBI - is good as well.

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