Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yankees-Phillies: Facing the fear

I don't even want to think about the looming prospect of a Yankees-Phillies World Series, but Squawker Lisa is all too pleased to do so, and she has rounded up a host of responses from my fellow Met bloggers on how we would deal with such a grim event.

Who will we root for? Will some of us leave the country, or at least the Northeast?

Check out Lisa's "Met Fans Face Their Worst Fear: A Phillies-Yankees World Series" here.


Anonymous said...

No fear here, but if the Yankees buy their way into the WS, I will be experiencing a rush of nausea and disgust. I'm happy with the Angels vs. either the Dodgers or Phils. Angels vs. Dodgers will be billed as the "Freeway series" or the "battle for LA", while Angels vs. Phils will be interesting to see if Philly can repeat as champs!

Yankees vs. either will be the year without a WS, just a whole lotta spending. Or maybe you could call it the "eBay" series, they outbid every other team for the best talent!

Do you losers know what it's like to win a WS legitimately, without having to outspend everyone else?

Anonymous said...

Enough already with the spending! That is getting so old. It would be a different story if the other teams had the $$ and spent it. There is no cap, so deal with it. Do the Yanks spend tons of money - yes, but at least they go after the players they need and want. Just because they spend a lot of money does not mean they are buying a WS Championship. If that was the case, the Yanks would have won these past 9 years, and they haven't.

NAM said...

I agree about the money thing getting old. If it were only about money, what's your answer when the Rays or Marlins get there and win? Your comments are an insult to the players and organizations. If you don't like the business of sports I am sure there is a pop warner team down the road that doesn't keep score and gives everyone a trophy at the end of the year. Once you get past thinking like a 7 year old, come on back and join the Big Leagues.

Rob A from BBD said...

As a Yankee fan I have much fear of Ryan Howard. I'd rather see them face Manny and the Dodgers.

The Emperor said...

Hey Anon,

Go take your dusty old played-out mummified payroll argument and shove it up your backside. I'm sick and tired of hearing this bs from people like you who pontificate about something they know nothing about.

The Yankees are winning based on talent and hard work, and if our owner is generous enough to try and get the best talent for this city and us fans, well then I bow down to King Stein.

If your team doesn't want to open their wallet to acquire good talent, go write a letter to the team's owner and tell him/her/them to get in gear, otherwise shut your fool mouth and study up on a thing or two about how business works and how success breeds prosperity.

Anonymous said...

I understand every Mets fans fear of a Yankees/Phillies series.

I can still remember 1986 (Mets vs. Red Sox) and me and every other Yankee fan had no idea what to do. I kept trying to figure out a way for no one to win and both collapse.

Fortunately the Red Sox not only collapsed, but did it in a classic Red Sox style

Anonymous said...

Classic collapse is what the Yankees did in 2004.

Uncle Mike said...

"Anonymous": Yes, we know what it's like. In 1998, the Yankees had a payroll of $65 million and won 125 games; the Orioles had a payroll of $73 million and won 79 games. That makes the Yankees a team that put together the greatest season ever without having the highest payroll even in their own division. And it makes you a lying sack of trash. I'd say what it really makes you, but I think Lisa wants to keep this rated PG.

As it has been for so long, "Yankee Payroll" is the last refuge of a sore loser. Or haven't you noticed that your beloved Mets still have the highest payroll in the National League? What has it got them? Did it bother you when they had the highest payroll in 1986? Did they not "buy that championship"? You are not just a monumental liar, you are a flaming hypocrite.

The bottom line is that, no matter how much you pay for the talent, it still has to produce. Sometimes it does, like the 1996 to 2003 Yankees. Sometimes it doesn't, like the 2006-present Mets. In fact, I'll bet the Phillies have a lower payroll than the Dodgers they're humiliating.

You're free to post here, "Anonymous," and we are free to outnumber you and smack you upside your thick head with the truth. As Yankee Fan Jack Nicholson would say, "You can't handle the truth!"

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