Friday, October 2, 2009

Why Jerry Manuel needs to go, and the Twins are must-see TV

I wrote a few pieces for the Faster Times today on non-Yankee stuff. First up - why I think Jerry Manuel needs to get the old heave-ho from the Mets. I also slam a certain untouchable Met third baseman in the article.

Second thing I wrote is about how the small-market Twins have had some big-time drama as of late. I also slam a certain oft-injured Yankee pitcher in the article.

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Uncle Mike said...

Lisa, while I disapprove of your comments toward Joe Torre, what you say about Jerry Manuel is right on the mark. He was given lemons, and instead of turning them into lemonade, he has added salt to them, having fooled the media into thinking it's sugar.

The Mets need a Billy Martin, a Dallas Green, an Earl Weaver. Someone who will whip them into shape, get them to properly carry out fundamentals -- with the emphasis on the "fun" rather than on "da mentals."

Sadly, the best example of someone like that today may be... Ozzie Guillen. And El Loco is always a whisker away from getting canned by the White Sox, and as long as Omar "Wise Latino Players" Minaya is running the Mets, the possibility of Guillen being hired as Met boss exists.

The scary part is, Guillen the player was someone the Mets could use right now. As a White Sox shortstop, we didn't know he was a lunatic. We only thought he was a hustling player who helped his team out time and time again. Unless Rey Ordonez or Jose Reyes, Guillen wasn't out there for the fame or the fortune. As Herman Edwards would say, he played to win the game. Then again, the ChiSox were playing the Yankees one night in 1992 when he suffered a freak injury chasing a popup and missed the rest of the season, so he's got an idea of what it's like to be a modern Met!

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