Friday, October 16, 2009

Yankee ticket info, and my predictions for the ALCS

It seems like forever since the Yankees have actually gotten to play October baseball, but they start up again tonight. There's been a whole to-do about how many tickets remain unsold at for the game tonight, but the story is a bit overblown. As usual, some of the really expensive seats are unsold, which isn't exactly breaking news. The Yankees are also selling standing room tickets this time around, and those tickets have not yet been sold (while I knew about those cafe seats, I didn't even know they were selling regular standing room tickets until today.)

On the other hand, the prices in the secondary market are dropping - big time - for tonight's game, due to weather concern. If the prices get close to face value, I might be going to the game!

As for the game itself, I'm saying it will be Yankees in six. And that Alex Rodriguez will be the MVP.And that Bobby Abreu will win at least one game pretty much single-handedly for the Angels.

In other news, it looks like Ronan Tynan's mouth got him into trouble, and he won't be singing at tonight's game. Harsh!

Any predictions, readers? Tell us about it!

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