Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Predictions for the nightmare World Series

Don Fehr had a chance to close out his tenure as head of the Player's Association on a positive note - by teaming up with Bud Selig to cancel the World Series one more time.

Unfortunately, Fehr let down the baseball public yet again. So here we go with predictions:
  • A-Rod will have a great Series, but will not win MVP.
  • Pedro Martinez will pitch well, but I agree with Squawker Lisa that Brad Lidge will blow the game.
  • Jimmy Rollins will do well because he loves sticking it to New York.
  • Johnny Damon will do well enough that the Yankees will want to bring him back next year.
  • Nick Swisher will be benched for at least one game.
  • Jayson Werth will be much better known by the end of the Series.
  • Cliff Lee will have a better Series than CC Sabathia.
  • If Joe Girardi goes to a three-man rotation, he will regret it. Start Sabathia on three days rest if you want, but have Chad Gaudin start Game 5.
Other predictions:
  • If Brett Favre's return to Green Bay goes into overtime Sunday afternoon, Fox will delay the start of Game 4.
  • Mayor Bloomberg will sit next to Kate Hudson in the stands to maximize his time on camera.
  • Bud Selig will fulfill his wish to have a World Series game played in daylight hours by setting all stadium clocks five hours behind.
It will come down to the closers. Yankees in six.


Uncle Mike said...

Brett who?

Don't worry, Seligula will find a way to make this Series not all it should be.

Bloomberg next to Kate Hudson? Why not, she's taller.

Let's go! Do it, Pinstripes!

Anonymous said...

Cliff Lee prediction - correct

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