Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will Jimmy Rollins' prediction of a Yankees-Phillies World Series come true?

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for beating the Los Angeles Dodgers. So much for the media acting as if a Dodgers/Yankees World Series was inevitable. Looks like the Philadelphia Phillies were the real team to beat, as shortstop Jimmy Rollins would say. The Curse of Donnie Baseball strikes again!

It's amazing how little respect the defending World Champions got from the media. Heck, TBS couldn't even give them decent camera angles when they won - instead, they went right to a stadium shot from the Goodyear Blimp. No wonder TBS got booed in the awards ceremony.

I like Rollins an awful lot - he talks a lot of trash, but he backs it up, like with his "team to beat" comment. And he's got a real personality, and lots of charisma. You know me - I like players with unique personalities; it's why I'm one of the few Yankee fans who digs Pedro Martinez and thinks Manny Ramirez is a hoot. (On the other hand, Shane Victorino is just annoying! After watching this series, I now understand why Met fans despise him so!)

Anyhow, back in May, when the Phillies met the Yankees at the new Yankee Stadium, Rollins had this to say:
"How great would that be? A World Series here, us against the Yankees?" Rollins said with a grin. "We've proved we can put on a pretty good show."
Let's hope Rollins is right.

I wrote this on Facebook last night:
Congrats to the Phillies. On the other hand, Joe Torre has his ninth failed postseason in a row. Guess he's got time to work on "The Dodger Years" now. Chapter 1 - Manny Used Up All the Hot Water in the Shower.

I was officially neutral with the NLCS, but I'm not exactly shedding any tears over the Dodgers losing. Winning a World Series is hard enough, without any added drama. Phillies fans are already all "bring on the Yankees!, even though the Yanks haven't won yet.

Anyhow, the Yankees still have work to do. They need to keep the wolves (and the rally monkey) at bay and beat the Angels tonight. 

In other news, Red Sox Nation isn't exactly pleased about the Yankees continuing their playoff run. I interviewed some Sox bloggers for The Faster Times. Thanks to all of them for participating. Even though I hate the Sox,  I appreciate their passion for their team - as I do the Mets bloggers I interviewed for a similar piece. 

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Rob A from BBD said...

After watching that NLDS I think the Dodgers and Joe Torre are heavily overrated. They seem like a halfway decent team that just took advantage of the fact that overall the NL sucks. I'm not talking about the Phillies when I say that BTW.

Anonymous said...

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