Thursday, October 29, 2009

Met fan Squawker Jon becomes a Yankee fan - for a week!

Remember how Squawker Jon agreed to root for the Yankees against the Phillies in the World Series? He said, and I quote, that he'd "rather see my blogging partner celebrate than Shane Victorino." So last night was the first time Jon and I cheered for the Yankees together. How did it go? Not exactly good for the Bombers. Or for me.

Not only have his predictions been better than my own so far, but he's not exactly a quick learner in the ways of Yankeedom. When I asked Jon to join me in chanting roll call, he started yelling payroll figures instead of names - "$300 million!" instead for A-Rod, "$190 million" for instead of Derek Jeter, etc. Not cool.

Instead of being dismayed, Jon yelped in excitement over Chase Utley's homers, and he couldn't help but get excited when the Yankees' bullpen got roughed up. Some Yankee fan! I guess old habits die hard.

Do you have any tips for Squawker Jon becoming a Yankee fan? Tell us about them!


The Cycle said...

Anytime you start to hear Squawker Jon get excited, tell him to picture Jimmy Rollins calling the '07 Phillies the team to beat, Cole Hamels calling the Mets chokers, Chase Utley's extra-inning HR in June at CitiField, Pedro's 8 inning shutout in Sept and see how he feels about being happy when the Phils do well.

Paul from Boston said...

I love the roll call with salary instead of names -- nicely done Jon!!

Uncle Mike said...

Do I have any pieces of advice for Jon? None that you could print!

Funny, but I've always liked the Phillies. I'm having a big problem bringing up any animosity for them. But I thhnk I can learn.

If the Yankee bats rock as hard as Jay-Z did in the pregame, and if A.J. Burnett has as much control on the mound as Alicia Keys did at the piano, we will win this thing.

Burnett looks pretty good in the top of the 1st. Time to tee off on Pedro the Punk!

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