Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thankfully, the Yankees are no longer in the Red Hat Society

You know what I liked about last night's game, besides the Yankees pummeling the Twins into submission? The fact that the Yanks were back to wearing their regular blue caps, as opposed to the red ones.

Yes, the red hats the Yanks wore on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day weekends are meant to honor the nation's veterans - proceeds from selling the caps go to a great cause, the Welcome Back Veterans organization. But the red is just way too jarring to see with the Yankees uniform.

The hats look great with red-based uniforms - the Red Sox, Cardinals, etc. With the Yankee pinstripes? Not so much.

My suggestion? That the red-based teams get to wear the red caps for this promotion, and the blue-based teams, like the Yankees, wear the Stars and Stripes blue cap that they did last season. The red is too much like - shudder - the Red Sox!

* * *

As for the Yankee game itself, our long national nightmare is over - Robinson Cano finally got a hit with runners in scoring position. CC Sabathia looked like CC again, and the Yanks drove in 10 runs without a homer.

However, I must admit to flipping to the Mets game to see Manny Ramirez, and to see him flip his equipment off and get ejected from the game. A Met fan on Facebook has already accused me of jinxing his Mets by saying I was rooting for them to beat Joe Torre's Dodgers!

The other big news of the night was the new Subway commerical, featuring CC Sabathia and Johan Santana. Too touchy-feely for my tastes!

You know, Subway missed a great opportunity for a commerical. Why not have Brian Bruney and Francisco Rodriguez together, talking over a meal?

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Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Totally agree with the hats! Great cause but I wondered why the Yankees weren't allowed to use the blue caps.

The way Brian Bruney is pitching, he should be shining K-Rod's shoes.

NAM said...


I too agree with your cap comments. I even found it disconcerting to see my Red Sox sporting a red cap. I think a side patch of the Flag would be better. But if this is the worst thing that happens to our respective teams, I guess things are going pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer my men in pinstripes and BLUE hats ...those red hats just don't do it...ugh !! So confusing with both teams wearing then when you take a fast look too.

Here's hoping the Yankees keep up the good work ...


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

NY Sports Jerk said...

How can you jinx one of the worst teams the world has ever seen?

Paul from Boston said...

Count me in the ranks of those that didn't like the red hats. I think taking the logo on them and doing them up in stars and stripes is plenty. Weren't they blue last year?

Uncle Mike said...

The Yankee cap is navy blue. Not red. Not yellow. Not pink, oy vey. The Yankees are wealthy enough that they do not need to market caps in any color other than navy blue.

Now, let's keep this going so that what ends up on their heads is champagne and ticker-tape.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, that was me calling you the jinx last night on Facebook! Not that I think there is anything you could do that this team hasn't found a way to do to themselves! Somebody quick, get Jobu to Shiti Field!

Also, I don't want to hear about how the new park is taking away home runs from the Mets, Juan Freaking Pierre almost hit one out last night! I think it has more to do with the fact that this team stinks! This team is driving me nuts.

Michael in California

Uncle Mike said...

Short drive. Then again, the Mets are used to short drives, if ya know what I mean.

Citi Field's a nice place to visit, as long as you don't root root root for the home team, 'cause if they don't win, it's the same!

She-Fan said...

The red caps were just wrong. I kept having to do a double take, as if I'd been watching the Phillies or Angels. The players I'd like to see a commercial with are Joba and Jorge, with Joba shaking Jorge off and Jorge giving Joba a kick in the shins.

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