Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mo wuz robbed! Mariano Rivera should have been the All-Star MVP

Yes, I know I'm biased, but I still think Mariano Rivera should have been picked as the MVP for tonight's All-Star Game.

I do think it's funny that Carl Crawford got that MVP award for saving Jonathan Papelbon - aka Cinco Dopo - from giving up a homer in the seventh inning. Even so, I would have liked to have seen Mo gotten the award. He set a record with his fourth-ever All-Star Game save, and he just happens to be the greatest closer of all time. If there was any night to give him that award, it was tonight, given that there was no clear-cut candidate for MVP.

And tonight, of course, meant it was the one time I rooted for the Red Sox and the rest of the American League. So while I normally would be hoping Papelbon would give up a homer, I was happy that Cinco Dopo was bailed out by Crawford. But even so, Mo should have been the MVP.

Anyhow, tonight's game, clocking in at two and a half hours, was a heck of a lot shorter than last year's fifteen-inning Yankee Stadium win. And a win is a win. It gives me more bragging rights against NL fan Squawker Jon, too.

A few other thoughts on the game:

* Red Sox Nation is peeved that Tim Wakefield didn't get to pitch. Too bad, so sad.

* Is there any event Sheryl Crow won't sing at? She'd perform at the opening of an envelope!

* What was up with Fox not showing where President Obama threw his first pitch to? Terrible, terrible camera work.

* Seeing Mo's teenage kids made me feel old!

* David Wright did a commercial for the game for "G-Force," the new movie about secret agent animals. So, Squawker Jon, since your man D-Wright endorsed the Disney film, that means you need to go with me! (Jon mocks me because my movie picks seem to consist of flicks with talking animals, mafia movies, and Tyler Perry films!)

What do you think? Leave us a comment!


Andrew Katz said...

I said he was robbed, too: http://www.noyoureatowel.net/2009/07/all-star-game-mvp.html

This man gets no love!

Anonymous said...

Tyler Perry films? Come on now.

Anonymous said...

I've recently begun to think that your entire operation is trolling...you drive up the hits by saying things that make my brain hurt, like "Mo should have been the MVP." Is this true? You don't honestly believe it, do you?

Paul from Boston said...

Wake is my favorite pitcher and I would have loved to see him pitch last night, but I think Maddon managed the game properly. Its not necessary to get everyone in the game

Lisa - I credit you with admitting your bias and I certainly congratulate Mo on his record-setting save. However, Mo came in for a clean 1-2-3 ninth. Had he come in with runners on or something slightly more dramatic then maybe it would have been warranted. There wasn't much to choose from for MVP-like moments, but Crawford literally stole the go-ahead HR.

I was thankful for the short game - I can't stand that these things start so late. Do they really watch on the West Coast?

I had the same complaint about FOX's coverage of Obama's pitch. When the heck is Selig getting out of bed with them so we can try a different network?!

Lisa, may I have permission to use your "she'd attend the opening of an envelope" line? That gave me a nice hearty laugh this morning!

Enjoy the day, all! Cheers from Boston.

Anonymous said...

Paul: ditto to everything you said.

Lisa, I laughed out loud here in cube-world at your Sheryl Crow line. At least her version was devoid of histrionics, if bland.


NAM said...

Your hatred for Paplebon is strange. Who cares who gets the all-star MVP. They each play for about 12 minutes; it is the ultimate team effort.

I had the same thought about Sheryl Crow when she gave a concert in the "backyard" of the Big Brother House about 4 years ago. Bizarre.

Wakefield is a great story. I'm sorry it falls deaf on Yankee ears. Now that is too bad and too sad.

Fred Garvin said...

I'm a RS fan and I think that Wakefield should not have played given the close score. He does have the highest ERA of any of the AL pitchers. Maddon did the right thing and was managing for the win. Although it would have been nice to see Wakefield pitch, it's better that the RS will have home field advantage in the World Series this year....

Uncle Mike said...

The All-Star Game MVP means nothing to me, except for one time, in 2000, when Derek Jeter became the first (and still only) player to be MVP of both the All-Star Game and the World Series in the same season. Anyway, it's not like Mo was robbed in favor of Papelbum!

Sheryl Crow singing the National Anthem at a major sporting event in St. Louis, when she's from eastern Missouri, makes sense. But she also sang it last year at Yankee Stadium, when we have New York-area artists from Tony Bennett (80 years old) to Alicia Keys (28) available. Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, all known Yankee Fans. Alicia wore a Yankee cap in a video, I've seen Springsteen at a game, and the others have all sung at the Stadium (either Anthems or full concerts).

Lisa, maybe you should talk Tyler Perry (sounds like the name of a prima donna pitcher) into making "Diary of a Mad Black Guinea Pig." Maybe he can blow up a terrorist beaver dam.

The Red Sox, having home field advantage in the World Series? No. This is the year the universe is restored to order. And before Fred gets all hot and bothered over that, I'd like to remind him that the Mets went 11-1 against the Dodgers in 1988, and the Dodgers went on to beat the Mets in the NLCS. If the Red Sox want to be at the American League's park for the World Series games, they're going to have to start begging the Yankees for comps. Good luck with that. Yeah, right, the Sox used up enough good luck for the next 86 years in the last five.

Paul from Boston said...

I admire your confidence Uncle Mike.

Maybe this year Crawford will be the MVP of both and geno will be back with his Ray-volution!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mike (aka Michael in NJ) doesn't have confidence, just a lot of hot air and b.s. Skankees in the World Series? Even if you buy your way into the playoffs, the Angels will bounce you out in the first round, just like clockwork! Choke on that, you're good at that, remember 2004, greatest choke of all time!!

Anonymous said...

And ..it only took 86 years for the Sox to finally achieve due to the Yankees choke ..while the Yankees were winning WS after WS ..for years and years

Actually looks silly for Sox fans to gloat about that with all the failures in their past.

If that's all ya got ..what can I say ....enjoy ...

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