Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When the light at the end of the tunnel is Oliver Perez

With all the high-priced Mets on the disabled list, it somehow seems fitting that the player who makes it back first is Oliver Perez.

Will Perez make a difference on this dormant squad? Probably not. But he does lead the Mets in one important statistic.

Batting average.

Perez has three hits in seven at bats for a .429 average. He also has a walk, which means his on-base percentage is .500.

Did someone say leadoff hitter?

Hey, if Jerry Manuel can put Fernando Tatis at second base, it's clear that he will do anything to generate offense, no matter how ludicrous.

With two shutouts in a row, Manuel can't afford to leave this on-base machine in the nine hole.

That is, if Manuel wants to be sure that Ollie will get a turn at bat.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Mets are in a horrible slump right now, it happens. A combination of injuries, uninspired play and brain farts has us in a funk right now; hopefully we can snap out of it and make a run back into contention.

But you know it has only been 23 years since our last title, some teams have been waiting much longer (i.e. Cubs, Royals, etc.) or have never won it all (i.e. Mariners, Astros, etc.). So it could be worse.

At least we don't have to BUY our trophies just to sell tickets, like a certain other team. Pathetic.

When we win our next championship, it will be won the right way, with hard work, grit, determination and fortitude, not just with dollars and nothing else. It will be something we can be proud of and not just a title that was purchased in the boardroom.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as a Met fan I have to disagree with the prior comment. You can't complain about payroll when the Mets have the highest payroll in the NL! While you may not like what other teams spend, they are playing within the rules of the league, just like the Mets are. Payroll is an excuse, otherwise the Marlins wouldn't have the two WS rings they have. This team is being run by a guy who depends on spending (Omar) just as much as the next guy does, just take a look at our horrible farm system if you need any proof. If dollars won Championships, the Yanks would never lose, end of story.

Michael in California

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