Friday, July 17, 2009

Yankees midseason report: A double feature of 'Up' and 'Groundhog Day'

Well, given that Squawker Jon has already thrown in the towel on the Mets' season, can I do a little victory lap and run around like Rocky with my arms in triumph or something?

I mean, really. In his "Reversal of Fortune" blog entry, he compared his team both to the bad side of competitive eating, and to Sunny Von Bulow. Harsh!

As for my own team, two movie analogies come to mind - "Up" and "Groundhog Day." "Up," because the Bombers are an old team moving up in the standings, albeit without the help of balloons. (Yeah, I can hear Squawker Jon suggesting that steroids have taken the place of helium in this analogy!)

"Groundhog Day," of course, is what happens when the Yanks meet the Red Sox or Angels. One of our readers suggested that the Yankees do poorly against red-hatted teams. Sad but true.

Anyhow, instead of grading each player, here are ten observations on the first half of the Yankees' season:
  • Joba Chamberlain has gone from being an electrifying pitcher to watch, to the new Steve Trachsel. Sheesh.
  • Derek Jeter may be the Yankee captain, but the Bombers are A-Rod's team when it comes to hittting. It's no coincidence that they started winning when Alex Rodriguez returned to the lineup. Unfortunately, when A-Rod slumps, that means the rest of the team slumps as well.
  • But Jeter has been rejuvenated this year, moving pretty well in the field for a 35-year-old. Jeter getting old makes me feel ancient!
  • I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I've liked A.J. Burnett. He's been pitching great as of late, plus his personality is a welcome addition. He just needs to beat the Red Sox!
  • Have also greatly enjoyed CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira as well. Both of them are quality players, as well as quality individuals.
  • Bring back Francisco Cervelli! He was one of the more exciting players to watch this year.
  • The new Stadium is still a mess. Let's hope the Yankee management is serious about fixing what's wrong with it, from the lousy food, to the lame atmosphere, to the garage sale that is Monument Park.
  • Still scratching my head about what the heck happened to Chien-Ming Wang this year, and why he was so bad to start off the season?
  • While I mostly like how Brian Cashman spent the Yankees' resources this year, and I appreciate him picking up Eric Hinske, there were still too many wasted roster spots this year, like Angel Berroa and Brett Tomko. But good news for Met fans - Berroa has joined your team!
  • When the Yankees have been winning this year, they have been the most likeable Bomber team in ages. When they struggle, like against the Red Sox and the Angels, they are absolutely painful to watch. Let's hope the second half is more "Up" and less "Groundhog Day"!
What do you think of the state of the Yankees? Leave us a comment!

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