Saturday, July 4, 2009

A.J. Burnett shows glimpses of greatness, and Phil Hughes is eighth inning guy

Squawker Jon royally mocked A.J. Burnett for saying after his Boston loss that he had a few "glimpses of greatness" this year.

Who's laughing now, especially after Burnett shut out the Mets twice? He has gone 3-1 since that Boston game, with the only loss being that heartbreaking one against Florida. In that timeframe, A.J. has given up only 3 runs. Sounds pretty great to me.

Yesterday was more of the same - in a good way - for Burnett. His only big mistake was the homer to Vernon Wells.

The season is half over, and Burnett has not turned into Carl Pavano. I think it's safe to finally buy that Burnett t-shirt I've been hankering for!

* * *

Didn't get to see the whole game, but it was nice that the Yanks bounced right back after Thursday's loss.

As for Brian Bruney apparently losing his eighth inning spot, Joe Girardi needs to go with whoever will do the best job. And right now, Phil Hughes is the second-best reliever on the team after Mariano Rivera.

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Uncle Mike said...

So how about today's game? Four hours of baseball, and Michael Kay wasn't complaining about the length of the game -- this is progress.

Chien-Ming Wang? Five innings, four of them very strong -- this is progress. Had to leave the game with a "strained shoulder" -- not progress.

Taking a lead on Roy Halladay, one of the biggest Yankee Killers in recent memory -- good. Giving them back the lead -- bad.

Having to go to Mariano in the 9th of a tie game -- not good. Phil Coke pitching a scoreless 11th and Brett Tomko pitching a scoreless 12th to become the winniner pitcher -- this is very good.

The Yankees blowing opportunities in the 9th, 10 and 11th -- not good. The Yankees winning in the 12th? Verrrry good.

Phil Hughes isn't just the second-best reliever on the Yankees, I think we can now say he's the second-best reliever in New York.

Attendance was over 46,000. Once again, every seat is sold -- except for the insanely expensive ones. Are you listening, Lonn Trost?

And the Red Sox bullpen collapsed again -- against Seattle? These are not the '01 Mariners or even the '95 M's. This is not good for the Sox, but cry me a Charles River, Papelbum!

A very nice 4th of July for the Yankees, on the 70th Anniversary of Lou Gehrig Day.

Quick, Met fans: When was Tom Seaver Day? Don't look it up on the Internet -- that's cheating. I want to see if you know it off the top of your head.

You don't remember, do you? I had to look it up. I remember him walking to the mound and bowing to each "side" of the stadim, but I didn't remember the date of July 24 1988.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

I think Wang is done

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