Wednesday, July 29, 2009

For some Mets, DL stands for designer labels

Move over, Alyssa Milano! As noted in Metsblog, Tuesday marked the introduction of the Players Choice Signature Series, a set of T-shirts, jerseys and hats designed by six Met players.

Squawker Lisa thinks what the Mets should have been designing were straitjackets. I was thinking they could have included hospital gowns.

It's only fitting that half of the players involved - J.J. Putz, John Maine and Gary Sheffield - are on the disabled list. The other three - Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell and Omir Santos are healthy (knock wood).

But this clothing line figures to go out of fashion in a hurry, since many of these players may not be back with the Mets next season.

At least they are here now. Knowing the Mets, it would not have been a surprise to have Ryan Church and Ramon Castro unveiling their designs yesterday via satellite.

And to prop up the dubious Roy Halladay rumor, Fernando Martinez could have been trotted out to unveil clothing with a Toronto theme.

But at least the Mets had an off-the-field story that involved people putting on their shirts, rather than taking them off.


On the field, winning four in a row after a Johan Santana loss against two teams that have been hot is pretty impressive. I still think they should not be designing those wild card commemorative outfits just yet, but at least the Mets are competitive again.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking they could have included hospital gowns. please tell me

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