Monday, July 20, 2009

One small step for Nieve, one giant leap to the DL

Squawker Lisa, you are right to attack Mets' management for saying that the fans are not interested in Old Timers' Day. But the Yankees are not better than the Mets because they are willing to put Chad Curtis up in a hotel. And the Yankees have their own issues with honoring history, judging by the sorry placement of Monument Park.

But overall, the Yankees definitely do a lot more to honor their history than do the Mets. The fact that the Yankees' history is more glorious is no excuse - the Mets actually do have their own history, despite how management seems to feel.

So defintely have some sort of regular Old Timers' gathering at Citi Field, but stay away from any Old Timer games. The way the karma around the Mets is these days, there's no guarantee that all of the old-timers will make it through the game alive.

Just when you think things couldn't get any worse on the injury front, the Mets need a cart on the field twice in three days, for Gary Sheffield (who waved it off) and Fernando Nieve.

During the seventh-inning stretch, maybe the Mets' version of Milwaukee's sausage race could be the injury cart racing an ambulance.

40 years ago today, man landed on the moon. And a few months later, the Mets won the World Series.

Today, the big story out of the U.S. space program is that the toilet is broken. And the Mets season is in the toilet.

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Uncle Mike said...

Let's see, the old Shea Stadium "pennants" are tucked away in the right-field corner at Citi Field, where you have to go around a long staircase to find them, and the smell of the 126th junkyard wafts in... and Squawker Jon complains about where the Yankees have put Monument Park.

I can see the Mets' Old-Timers Day now: Rusty Staub busts a gut, Ron Darling splits an infinitive, Keith Hernandez bumps his head against his own glass ceiling, Gary Carter pulls a hamstring running to smile for a camera, and everyone else injures their neck due to shaking their heads over something Ralph Kiner says. "And on this Old-Timers Day, we want to wish everyone a happy senility. We'll be right back, after this message from Manufacturer's Hangover."

(Yes, I know, he's probably well aware that Manufacturer's Hanover is now part of Citigroup. Ralph's really old, but he's not senile. Then again, he was mangling the language when he was a lot younger.)

But, hey, how about David Cone and Dwight Gooden pitching at Yankee Stadium yesterday? In fact, Gooden batted and almost got a hit, but was robbed by a good play.

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