Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whatever happened to 'True Yankee' moments?

In recent years, there's been a whole to-do over when a new Yankee would become a so-called "True Yankee," or when he would earn his pinstripes. For example, Jason Giambi's extra-inning grand slam in the rain was considered his first "real Yankee" moment. And really, it ended up being one of his two most memorable moments as a Yankee (the second was him hitting two solo homers in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS.)

I think the whole notion of being a "True Yankee" is silly, though. Everybody who puts on the pinstripes is a real Yankee. Sure, some are better liked and cheered than others, but they're all still Yankees.

Besides, no other team's fan base does this "True Yankee" nonsense. You never hear somebody talk about whether such and such player is a True Met or a True Red Sox or even a True Pirate!

Fortunately, it seems like this year's Yankee imports are not having to worry about getting their true Yankee moments. Mark Teixeira had his own home run in the rain Friday - a three-run homer to win the game for the Yankees. But was it his signature moment? Not really. After a shaky first month, he's been a vitally important hitter for the team.

Alone those same lines, I guess one could say that CC Sabathia's May 8 Orioles game (the night A-Rod came back) or A.J. Burnett's one-hitter were their signature moments. But, thankfully, I don't think any of the three Yankee free agents are still having to pay their dues with the fan base. Other than Mike Francesa and Michael Kay griping about Burnett's pie celebrations, these players have all been accepted by the Yankee fan base. Thank goodness.

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