Monday, July 20, 2009

Red Sox co-owner John Henry needs a new Twitter target besides the Yankees

Red Sox co-owner John W. Henry recently took time out from enjoying his new marriage to slam the Yankees on Twitter. Again.

Yesterday, the Boston owner, who posts as John_W_Henry on Twitter, tweaked the Yankees over their new fan club, Yankees Universe:
News from Yankees' Universe. Big upsurge in membership. Apparently coming mostly from Pluto. Not doing nearly as well on Mars.
It's not that I find Henry's comments offensive. It's that I find them unfunny, which is arguably a bigger sin.

Dude, just because your underlings may laugh at your "jokes," it doesn't mean that those witticisms are actually funny. Leave the comedy to the trained professionals.

I will give him credit for one thing, though. At least he didn't make a Uranus joke.

But really, Henry's obsession with the Yanks is kind of sad. He writes more about the Bombers than I do about Jonathan Papelbon. But at least I have the excuse of having no life.

The Red Sox co-owner, on the other hand, is both a gazillionaire and a newlywed. Yet he appears to have nothing better to do than to complain about the Yankee playroll and suggest that the acquisition of Mark Teixeira -(MT in Henryspeak) has cursed the Bombers.

I do have a suggestion for something Henry can do on Twitter - spark an online fight with former Red Sox/Yankee/Met player Doug Mientkiewicz - aka DougieBaseball on Twitter. (Squawker Jon is still stunned by the news that Mientkiewicz refers to himself as DougieBaseball!)

Mientkiewicz recently made Twitter news by calling Yankee Nick Swisher "a turd" and saying "I think he's way way over rated." Maybe Henry and Eye Chart can get into a dispute about the 2004 World Series ball again or something. An argument between the two would be more compelling than the Red Sox owner's tired anti-Yankee rejoinders, to be sure.

Or heck, Henry could start a Twitter war with us (of course, Squawker Jon would probably take the Sox owner's side!) Our Twitter account is subwaysquawkers. Bring it on!

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Anonymous said...

For god sakes -- stop referring to him as "Co-owner", he's the principal owner of the Red Sox.

THE OWNER of the team. John Henry is as much a co-owner as George Steinbrenner was all those years and George was no co-owner.

Subway Squawkers said...

Please tell the Red Sox to fix their own website, then. As their offical site says that the team's owners are "John Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino 2002-Present"

At any rate, you would think a bigshot like Henry, whether he's owner, co-owner, or Grand Poobah, would have something better to do than to take shots against the Yanks.

- Lisa

Uncle Mike said...

Certainly, he has something better to do than take potshots at the Yankees. He can take potshots at the Mets. You know, like I do.

Better yet, he can take potshots at his own team.

It's funny: We all thought Red Sox fans were annoying, drunken boors before they started winning, and we thought winning would improve their personalities. Now, they're annoying, drunken, obnoxious, arrogant boors. They're a "nation" of Becketts and Papelbons. (I don't know how much those two drink, but does it matter?)

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