Thursday, July 2, 2009

How the furries can inspire the Mets

It was only fitting that the Mets' beastly year would include sharing a hotel with a furry convention. As Metstradamus reports, Anthrocon 2009, a gathering for people who dress up as animals, was getting under way when the Mets checked into their Pittsburgh hotel for their makeup game with the Pirates.

Whether it was the presence of the furries or Tuesday's team meeting, the Mets' luck seems to be turning. They blew a five-run lead on their last trip to Pittsburgh; today it was the Pirates who blew a five-run lead. Johan Santana airmailed a throw on Tuesday; Andrew McCutchen airmailed a throw home today that resulted in Fernando Tatis scoring the winning run in the top of the tenth. Francisco Rodriguez blew the game in the ninth, but stuck around to preserve the win in the bottom of the tenth.

Still, the fact that the Mets almost blew the game today shows that there is more team-building to be done. Jerry Manuel has already held a meeting and organized a communal bus ride. Here are some other possibilities for Manuel to try, all inspired by titles of actual Anthrocon events.

The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice
The fight for supremacy in the unimposing NL East.

Marsupial Madness Meet and Greet
Instructions on how to start a kangaroo court.

Headless Lounge
Guest lecturer John Franco's leadership seminar.

Learn to Play RAGE
With guest lecturer Johan Santana.

Munchkin: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Dungeons and Mooks

Jerry Manuel stops waiting for his injured stars to return and accepts the current team for what it is.

What's It Like To Be a Wolf?
Remedial class for Omar Minaya, who could have signed Randy Wolf for a lot less money than he gave Oliver Perez.

Tin Foil Hat Contest
Since the rally caps haven't been working.

Whose Lion Is It Anyway?
Pedro Martinez waits for a new team.

Giggles and Laughs

Highlight films of Met fielders and baserunners.

Fursuit Parade
With the Mets' luck, the grand marshal will be the Philly Phanatic.

Evolution of Underdog
The ongoing saga of the 2009 New York Mets.

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Luca_Shoal said...

Hah! I ran that "panel" where you got the Munchkin name from. A friend showed me this and I was just amused by it.

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