Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fake umpires have lots of fun in the Legends seats this weekend

Talk about living the dream. Those two Blue Jays fans who dressed as umpires for the Yanks' May series in Toronto got to sit in the first row of the seats behind home plate for free yesterday, courtesy of the YES Network.

The two fans - Blue Jays ticket holders Tim Williams and Joe Farrell - made me laugh every time the broadcast showed them doing their moves. Not only do they have authentic umpire gear, but they mimic the umps for the entire game.

It's funny, though, that the Yanks got those too-expensive seats filled by bringing in fans who root for the other team.

AOL Fanhouse did an interview with the fake umps after they went on the road to see the Blue Jays at Nationals Park. Williams told Fanhouse:
"There are 7 billion people on the planet. Do you know how many of them travel to another city to fake umpire a game? You're looking at 'em."
What's next? Will fans dress up as grounds crew members? Vendors? Ticket takers? The possibilities are endless!

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Dr. Risk said...

I have seen them a couple times. Absolutely hysterical. Usually they are more entertaining than the teams on the field—at least they never disappoint!

Anonymous said...

I cant get enough of them, hope they continue to make road trips

RockinDaBronx said...

these 2 fucking nerds are annoying, only a moron would be amused by 2 grown men dress as umps.

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