Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yankees enjoy first place to themselves, while John Henry Twitters about his 'frustrating' Red Sox

Big news in Yankeeland. No, not that the Bombers have first place all to themselves, but that the Brett Tomko era is over. When is his Yankeeography coming out?

Tomko, who was released yesterday to make room for Sergio Mitre, hadn't even pitched since July 11. On the other hand, another Yankee who hasn't played in ages, Cody Ransom, scored two runs in yesterday's victory. Until last night, he hadn't played since July 10.

Incidentally, if anything bugs me about Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman this year, it's the way that roster spaces are wasted on players who are never used. Angel Berroa was another player who shouldn't have been on the roster. But now he's a Met, which is fitting, somehow.

Speaking of the Mets, does Jeff Francouer dropping a fly ball last night make him a True Met?

I probably should give Squawker Jon and his team a break, though. They look as hapless as Teddy Roosevelt does in the Washington Nationals' Presidents' race each night!

Back to the Yankees. Mitre gave the Yanks about as much as Chien-Ming Wang had been doing in his last few starts before getting hurt. Mitre started out poorly, then settled down, then had a shaky sixth inning. He got a nice ovation from the crowd for his game. It was a positive start in the right direction, and Mitre's first win in two years. And really, anything else Mitre can provide over what Wang would have given the team will be a plus.

I also appreciated how Alex Rodriguez and the Yanks manufactured a run last night without a hit. That was a highlight of the night.

Another highlight was seeing the Red Sox's John Henry gripe about his team's lousy play on Twitter. He called the Sox's week "frustrating" and wrote, "Tough night in Texas." Boo bleeding hoo!

At least he didn't complain about the Yankees' spending $400 million in free agents this time. Thank goodness for small favors.

Speaking of big-spending teams, how come nobody gripes about how the Sox have enough money to release Julio Lugo, even though he has $13.5 million on his contract? Just wondering.

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Uncle Mike said...

"Pride. Character. Determination. Guts. These are not traits normally associated with Brett Tomko. But with all the rain delays we've had lately, we needed to fill some airtime with new programming. Hi, I'm John Sterling, and this... is... 'Yankeeography.'"

The scary part is that, if there were a "Metography," SNY would probably be running one on Mike Vail by now. Or George Stone. Or an equally flash-in-the-pan type like, oh, I don't know... Rey Ordonez.

John Henry, go Twitter yourself! This John Henry's not a steel-drivin' man like the one in the old folk song, he's a spiel-drivin' man.

Let's hope the Sox continue to frustrated him, because it's only a little over 2 weeks until the next Yanks-Sox series. That series will probably set the tone for the rest of the season and possibly decide the AL East.

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Totally agree with the poor use of the roster, with Tomko and Berroa.
But having Ramiro Peña learn the OF will make him an uber utility player and say goodbye to the Ransom era too.

Gee2xu said...

The most important part of the Yankees streak is the bullpen. Not a Flashy aspect of the game but come playoff time a very important one

Subway Squawkers said...


The last thing the Yankees need is another utility outfielder. To me, Pena is much more valuable in the infield, and helping the team win now. But really, it's a minor quibble. Believe it or not, I'm mostly happy with what Cashman has done this year!

And Mike, love the spiel-driving man John Henry line!

Gee2xu, you're right - the bullpen has been great this year.

- Lisa

Subway Squawkers said...
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