Saturday, July 18, 2009

Me and Julio (Lugo) down by the graveyard

Here are the top five reasons for signing Julio Lugo:

5. Lugo will make the Mets' infield younger. 33-year-old Luis Castillo was born in September of 1975. Alex Cora was born in October of 1975. Lugo was born in November of 1975.

4. According to Baseball Reference, one of the players Lugo is most statistically similar to is Tony Bernazard.

3. Baseball Reference also notes that, at ages 26 and 27, Lugo was most similar by age to Angel Berroa.

2. If the Mets end up with both Berroa and Lugo, that will mean that they have acquired shortstops from both the Red Sox and Yankees this year. Perhaps the success of these organizations will rub off on the Mets, as it did when the Met manager was Willie Ran- oh, never mind.

1. By signing Lugo, as The 'Ropolitans put it, "it would signal the white flag to the rest of the NL East."

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Anonymous said...

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