Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last chance to vote for Carlos Beltran - and Kevin Youkilis

Vote for Kevin Youkilis over Mark Teixeira for the All-Star Game. Let's give Squawker Lisa something to Twitter about.

Lisa, I am touched by your newfound concern for the well-being of David Wright, but the Mets don't need to get out the vote for him. Wright is comfortably ahead of second-place Larry Jones.

As for Carlos Beltran, even with his injury, he still has some of the best stats of any NL outfielder. He certainly deserves to get in over Alfonso Soriano, who is batting .230.

(Speaking of .230 hitters, Lisa, good luck with that "Vote Swisher" campaign you mentioned.)

Based on the stats, the third NL outfielder behind Ryan Braun and Raul Ibanez should be Justin Upton or Brad Hawpe, but Upton is 15th and Hawpe is not even in the top 15.

At least it looks like Manny won't be voted in.

Lisa, if you really wanted to annoy Met fans with your second-base choice, you should have voted for Orlando Hudson, who could have been the Mets' second baseman had they been willing to spend the free agent money.

You could also have suggested Jimmy Rollins, who is in second place behind Hanley Ramirez. Rollins was recently benched by his own team and deserves this year's All-Star spot about as much as the guy in fifth place, Jose Reyes.

It's too bad the Yankees are not mounting a campaign for Alex Rodriguez, currently a distant second behind Evan Longoria. I had a couple of slogans all ready to go:

Pad A-Rod's Voting Stats!
Artificially Inflate A-Rod's Vote!

At least the Mets and Yankees are not in the position of the A's and Indians, who are forced to promote players that have a good chance of leaving the team soon - Matt Holliday and Victor Martinez. Or are they promoting their All-Star chances to enhance their trade value?

Say, Lisa, maybe your plan to vote for Luis Castillo isn't such a bad idea after all.


NY Sports Jerk said...

No need to be petty just because your team scores 3 runs per week ... on a good week.

Ryan O said...

wow, your such a jerk!

hey how bout that Jim Leyritz Yank fans!

"Nutball Gazette" said...

I will remember you in my will

You get my un air conditioned
Port o Potty

Fred Garvin said...

"Vote for Kevin Youkilis over Mark Teixeira for the All-Star Game. Let's give Squawker Lisa something to Twitter about."


Youk has way more heart and intensity than that Yankee mercenary!

When will the Yankees and their fans realize that it's not the team with the biggest wallet that wins the World Series, it's the team with the biggest heart!

Riddering said...

Fred Garvin: Even as a Yankee fan, I have to admit that the way the way the Red Sox give it all even though they don't get paid is pretty amazing.

We'll certainly never see that sort of thing in NY.

Lisa Swan said...

I love, love, love how Mark Teixeira was the Sox's most coveted free agent this winter; yet once he spurned Boston for the Yankees, he became an evil mercenary.

- Lisa

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