Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Epic Fail: Jonathan Papelbon, Red Sox blow 10-1 lead and lose to Orioles

Lots going on in Yankeeland, but most fans are talking about the deliciousness of the Boston Red Sox's loss last night. It's not very often that you see a team up 10-1 in the seventh inning give up 11 runs in the next two innings. But that's exactly what happened with the Red Sox-Orioles game.

There is so much to enjoy about this epic defeat. Remember how Milton Bradley threw the ball into the stands a few weeks ago when there were only two outs? Last night, five Red Sox, including the obnoxious Kevin Youkilis and the annoying Dustin Pedroia, left the field in the sixth inning after just two outs. Way to focus on the fundamentals, guys!

Pedroia and Jonathan Papelbon both blamed the loss on the rain delay. Pedroia commented:
"It kind of happened real fast. Seemed like the first five innings before the rain delay, we beat up on them pretty good. When we came back they beat up on us pretty good.
Um, Dustin? Your math is a bit off. Just like how you and the rest of the Sox infield forgot there were only two outs before leaving the field, you forgot that Justin Masterson got six straight outs after the rain delay before imploding.

Papelbon - aka Cinco Dopo - opined:
“Just a tough night all around for us, for the bullpen from top to bottom, dealing with the weather and dealing with trying to pick each other up,’’ Papelbon said.
Boo-hoo. Both teams had to deal with the rain delay. Leave the "blame it on the rain" stuff to Milli Vanilli, dude.

While the Sox loss was due in no small part to a collective collapse of the bullpen (13 hits and 11 runs in two innings!), the most enjoyable failure, of course, was Papelbon's. He came in the game in the eighth inning, with Orioles on first and second and one out, and proceeded to give up a two-run double to Nick Markakis to blow the save.

Wonder what all the Red Sox fans who traveled down to Baltimore and waited out this game in the rain thought of last night's debacle. Too bad, so sad.

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Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

That Milli Vanilli line really cracked me up!

Uncle Mike said...

As Cleveland Indians fan Arsenio Hall would say, "Girl you know it's true -- ooh, ooh, ooh, you are through!"

As English soccer fans would say -- I'm cleaning this up for Squakwer consumption -- "Ten-one, and you fouled it up!"

Coming from way behind to beat the Red Sox... Who do the Orioles think they are, the pre-2004 Yankees? Anyway, thanks, "Bawtamore!" (That's how Phil Rizzuto pronounced it, anyway.)

Papelbum. Is there a more deserving pitcher in the majors right now? (Well, yes, because, last I checked, Pedro the Punk was still unemployed.)

It's gonna be a long, hot summer. I think I may enjoy it. I just hope I enjoy the fall as well! (Especially with what I'm paying for those Rutgers football tickets! Oy vey, they better win those games... )

Uncle Mike said...

Just to be on the safe side, Lisa... One of the Milli Vanilli guys (as Arsenio would say, "I'm not sure which one it was, but I think it was Vanilli") is already dead, having hanged himself in his hotel room 10 years ago. The other appears to still be alive. So your chances of jinxing either of them are pretty long. So go ahead and include any Milli Vanilli puns you want.

NAM said...

Epic was the Yankee's collapse in the 2004 playoffs. This was merely embarrassing.

Paul from Boston said...

Lisa - I'm a little behind. You didn't post anything about Karl Malden did you?

Okay, back to the topic at hand. Ugly? yes. Epic? Not really. Maybe in a do-or-die type of game it would be epic.

Okajima has been miserable in that park - not sure why Francona who's a big time number cruncher didn't realize that. Irrelevant I suppose because it was so much more than Oki.

I expected all the NY fans to have a ball with Paps blowing the save. Just as I will when he blows a save for the Yankees a few years from now.

I was "cranky" about it last night but this morning I said as long as they win the series its water under the bridge. Although it was close, they did just that and if the Sox keep winning series then they'll be just fine. An odd series - Lugo gets the game winner? Seriously?


yankee daddy said...

Great collapse Sox. Papelbon will never be in the same class as "Mo". I still think we need Hughes for the 8th. He has been lights out.

Fred Garvin said...

It's one game. The Red Sox are still in first place and the Yankees are 0-8 against the RS.

Dwell on that for awhile....

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