Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Pelf and the Mets beat Yankees in Game 2 of Subway Series

Finally. The Mets won a Subway Series game in Citi Field. And I'm not very happy about it.

It's not just that Squawker Jon is doing the Snoopy Dance over the win. It was that we had such awful announcing to sit through. You thought FOX broadcasts were bad enough, but they just made them even more odious by the introduction of Kevin Millar to the pre- and post-game show. Somebody on Facebook suggested that we Yankee fans should "let it go" about Millar. Tell you what - I'll "let it go" when the players' union does!

Oh, and Tim McCarver was his usual pompous yet unprepared self. It's unbelievable how unknowledgable he is on what's going on in baseball. Is it too much to expect a guy whose entire job consists of one three-hour baseball broadcast a week to actually know what's going on with the teams? Especially when he knows what teams he will be covering months in advance? He couldn't even get the Millar "Cowboy Up" reference right - that's about 2003, not 2004.

As for the game itself, the memory that sticks out the most in my mind was Francisco Rodriguez's double-fisted salute up to the heavens when he won the game. He practically had jazz hands, he was gyrating so much!

Wasn't crazy about A-Rod not getting a hit when the Yankees had that rally going. Also wasn't crazy about Alex Cora being interviewed for an inning when the Yanks were at bat. Geez, FOX, you have the Yankees No. 3, 4, and 5 hitters up, and you take that time to talk to Cora? What?

Of course David Wright would have a good night. It's that he read me comparing him to the Ghost of Bernie Williams, and decided to prove me wrong!

Watching Randy Winn in the outfield makes me want to make a get-well-soon card for Curtis Granderson!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

It's a bit of a stretch as to how that game last night could have been worse, Lisa, but I've figured it out: Instead of the Snoopy Dance, Jon could have done the Elaine Benes Dance!

Anonymous said...

This weekend the Yankers got paid their big bucks to win 1 of 3. Cha-ching! Go Mets!

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