Friday, May 21, 2010

Squawker Lisa's Subway Series Predictions

Squawker Jon has conceded that his Mets will be on the losing side of the Subway Series this weekend. He's predicting that the Yankees will sweep!

I think he's trying to do one of those reverse jinx thingies. Your weird sci-fi trick isn't going to work, Jon!

Speaking of sci-fi, Squawker Jon will be watching the series finale of "Lost" on Sunday. I quit watching that show after they finished the second season with that ridiculous Penelope-Desmond storyline (why should I care about their stupid love story? I watched this show for the plane crash on a remote island, not for silly melodrama!) But I digress.

Anyhow, here are my predictions for this weekend:

* The Yankees will win two of three, with Javy Vazquez having a good outing Friday. My guess is that the Yankees will lose Saturday, but I agree with Jon that the bullpen will decide at least one game.

* Citi Field a pitchers' park? Not with the Yankees in the house. I'm predicting homers from Jeter, A-Rod, Cano, and Cervelli!

* Met fans are going to continue to gripe about that "Jeter's got an Edge" commercial airing on SNY. Yankee fans are going to continue to gripe about hearing that commercial twenty times a night. (It's right up there with the My Mohegan for annoyances!)

* If the Yankees lose two of three (heaven forbid!), there will be panic in the tabloids!

* Number of times we'll see the Luis Castillo dropped play again - at least 100!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

How many times did we have to see that damn "Lets go Mets go" (We got the teamwork to make the dreamwork) video in '86? How many times did we have to see Mike Piazza play air guitar on his bat at the Newark Bears' ballpark in that stupid Claritin commercial? They can take a few Jeter commercials.

Heck, they might even see Reggie Jackson doing commercials for DirecTV. All these years later, the man still makes great ads.

Maybe YES can reach into the archives and bring back Joe D for the Bowery Savings Back, the Scooter for The Money Store, and any number of Mickey's commercials. But, considering how Mickey's and Billy's lives ended, please, no Miller Lite commercials. Maybe SNY can counter with Rusty Staub's "Do you know me?" American Express ad.

MONDOAS said...

Lisa, I usually agree with mostly everything you say BUT I CANNOT AGREE with your assessment of Lost. IMO, it is the most complex, detailed TV show I have ever watched and I love it!! It's a total shame that you would stop watching it over Desmond and Penelope! There is sooooo much more to that show and Desmond is still a HUGE player on the show but there are more great characters and I just wish you would have given it more of a chance. I am so excited for the finale but sad at the same time. Anyway, Yanks won tonight finally! I can actually sleep tonight!!

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