Monday, May 10, 2010

No sweep relief for Yankees at Fenway

What a perfectly lousy game to watch last night. The finale of the Yankees-Red Sox series at Fenway was such a snoozefest for this Yankee fan to see, I felt like Keith Hernandez in the booth of a Mets' game or something! Combine a lousy game with an upset stomach, and a side dish of Dallas Braden pitching a perfect game and having his grandma trash A-Rod, and it wasn't exactly a red-letter day for this Squawker!

So much for the great start A.J. Burnett has gotten off to. Even Francisco Cervelli, who has seemed to work well with him, couldn't get a good start at Fenway Park out of him. Fenway continues to be a house of horrors for A.J. - last year he had a 14.21 ERA there in three games at the park. This year, his ERA at Fenway is 10.21 in two games (hey, maybe that is an improvement!) Sheesh. This time, I was the one saying, "Why, why" about the whole debacle! After the first two wins, last night left a bad taste in my mouth!

One other note about the A-Rod/Braden thing - it's amazing how Alex lives rent-free in so many people's heads! I swear, I've seen more Red Sox fans talking about him than about their team winning last night!

* * *

I was telling Squawker Jon Sunday afternoon that the Mets would have their own walkoff weekend of their own, coming back with their third weekend walkoff win. Alas, it was not to be (although David Wright did have an epic meltdown!) Hmmm, maybe Wright's time hanging out with The Situation has taught him a new vocabulary or something!

Jon and I were making all sorts of Beach Boys jokes this weekend about Giants reliever Brian Wilson. I asked Jon why he wasn't pitching Friday, setting him up for a "God Only Knows" joke. We also did a "Wouldn't It Be Nice" joke about him not being in the game. But, after not getting to pitch the first two games, Wilson completely shut down the Mets, sending, um, "Good Vibrations" to his team!

As for the snoozing Keith Hernandez, it's amazing how much he can pretty much get away with anything. Anything outrageous or silly that he does is just Keith being Keith. Can you imagine what outrage there would be if, say, John Sterling or Michael Kay were sleeping in the broadcast booth? But Keith Hernandez does it, and it's just charming. Is there anything Keith can't do?

And finally, what was up with that lame pie at Saturday's Mets walkoff win? A.J. would not approve!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

I am a long time reader of yours. You have great insight, especially when it came to your prediction of "the" Sports Illustrated jinx of the core four!!
Does A.J. still do the pie (shaving cream) in the face?!

Uncle Mike said...

Yeah, who does this guy think he is? "I'm Keith Hernandez!"

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