Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dallas Braden's perfect game - and his "classy" grandmother

If I didn't already have a stomach ache already, I'd certainly have one now. I just heard about how Dallas (Get Off My Mound) Braden just pitched a perfect game. Wonderful. Only bright side I can come up with is that it was against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Oh, and his grandmother, who was at the game,  is apparently just as obsessed with Alex Rodriguez as her grandson is. Peggy Lindsey told reporters, "Stick it, A-Rod." You stay classy, grandma!

I mean, really. With his perfect game, her grandson actually had a great achievement on the field, something that's only happened 18 times before in major league history. And what's on her mind? A-Rod! Guess that's how they do in the 209. Good grief.

For A-Rod's part, he told reporters, "I've learned in my career, it is much better to be recognized for all the great things you do on the field," Rodriguez said. "Good for him, he threw a perfect game. And better yet, he beat the Rays."

Yankee pitcher A.J. Burnett had the best line about Braden's grandmother's presence at the game. As A.J.  saw the broadcast showing Braden hugging Grandma Lindsey on the pitcher's mound, Andrew Marchand of reported that Burnett "said out loud, to no one in particular, 'Grandma, don't cross my mound.'" Heh!

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Joe said...

Let Grandma have her fun. It's not like Dallas Braden will throw another perfect game, and after all - it was Mother's Day!
Let's hope Dallas Braden doesn't go into the Hall (if...) with the nickname 'Momma's Boy'.
As for A-Rod, there are plenty of other pitchers in the league to worry about. Maybe he can hit HR 756 off Braden, or at least in the '209'. Personally, I'll take in the '718' Bleachers. Braden may have Grandma, but The Bronx is home to the Creatures!
Joe Winters

Anonymous said...

2 out of 3 from the sawk, yes!!--Go Yanks

kcourtsclayton said...

During the exhaustive coverage of Braden's perfect game last night, the thing that really irritated me was the constant discussion of the "rivalry" between Alex and Braden. Can it really be called a rivalry if it is completely one-sided? This entire conflict has been perpetuated by Dallas Braden. Alex hasn't said anything about the kid unless specifically asked to respond to Braden's ongoing rants. So now Grandma is in it--almost like that family is obsessed with A-Rod or something. Of course the media continues to fan the flames because anything with A-Rod's name in it is always huge news.
Look, good for him. He threw a perfect game. That's an awesome accomplishment. But let's not act like he is all of a sudden some elite pitcher. He is still the same guy with "a handful of wins in his career." More than that, he's a jerk who thought that the best way to keep his name in the papers was to antagonize a superstar who is typically an easy target.

Riddering said...

Good for Braden and etc. He'll still always be the wannabe tough guy who tried to pick a fight with A-Rod to me, however.

What amuses me the most is how non-Yankee fans are calling out A-Rod for being classless. Well, he's not the player who needed to be reprimanded by his GM. But I guess that's just Billy Beane's Yankee bias? ;)

(Here's a fun fact: A.J. Burnett had more swings and misses in his poor outing last night than Braden had in all nine innings of the perfecto. What would Sterling say to that? You just can't predict baseball!)

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