Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chris Carter: I want to believe

On "The X-Files," which was created by a TV writer named Chris Carter, Fox Mulder had a poster in his office that said, "I Want to Believe." Last night, the newest Met, also named Chris Carter, accomplished more in his first at-bat than the player he replaced, Frank Catalanotto, did in his entire time as a Met.

I want to believe that the new blood on the Mets will continue to inspire the team. In last night's game, Rod Barajas had yet another key hit, Hisanori Takahashi had two more scoreless innings and Ike Davis made yet another spectacular catch while flipping over the railing into the dugout.

Perhaps that is Omar Minaya's strategy - stagger the callups of prospects to inject a burst of energy into the team. How else to explain what Catalanotto was doing on the team instead of Carter in the first place? Carter had a great spring and was doing great at Buffalo. Catalanotto was 4-for-25, a .160 batting average.

Which is a higher average than Gary Matthews Jr.' s .156 (7-for-45). And that's after he actually got a hit last night, raising his BA from .136.

Two down (Mike Jacobs and Catalanotto), one to go. It will be a lot easier to believe in the Mets once Matthews is gone as well. And once Minaya stops filling out his roster with over-the-hill veterans.

But at least it gives me the chance to invoke one of Squawker Lisa's least favorite shows and actors (David Duchovny). When it comes to "The X-Files," Lisa is definitely the skeptic!


Uncle Mike said...

We know from "The X-Files" that "the Cigarette-Smoking Man" insisted that the Buffalo Bills not win the Super Bowl during his lifetime. (They still haven't.) Maybe the Mets' 2 World Series wins were fixed?

Now, I'm not saying that umpire who called Tommie Agee safe was paid off... but Calvin Schiraldi? He sure looked like a man who knew he was going to die if he didn't "lose his control" on that mound.

Actually, that '86 Game 6 seemed more like "The Twilight Zone," but then, who created TZ? Rod Serling. Where was he from? Binghamton, New York. Which major league team has a farm team in Binghamton? (Cue creepy music: DOO-doo-DOO-doo, DOO-doo-DOO-doo... )

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

Good game by Javy--maybe being away from the Bronx helped--

Good story by Bert Blyleven, written before this game (Sun. May 9, 2010), titled " Surviving the heat of playing in the Bronx" "Javier Vazquez is struggling for the Yankees;here's how to iron things out"

Let's Go....Yanks...Sorry Jon, not ready to root for the Mets!

MONDOAS said...

Sorry that I am a Yankees fan but I have a question. Why is it that all Mets fans talk about We believe or I believe? The word believe is always in there. Is it a way to get yourselves inspired? I figure I am going to go to a cemetery one day and the tombstone will read "Here lies a Mets fan..HE BELIEVED"!

Jon Lewin said...

Uncle Mike - I hear the Cigarette Smoking man got Jeffrey Maier his ticket.
Bijan - I have Vazquez on two fantasy teams so I have faith him (though not enough to play him yesterday). But considering that all he's asked to do is be the fourth starter, I think he'll be fine eventually.
Mondoas - I think you're right about wanting to get inspired, since all too often, Met fans' belief in the Mets is shaken.

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