Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marcus Thames and the power of pie

Just saw the clip again of Marcus Thames getting pie'd by A.J. Burnett. What struck me, and not for the first time, is how the Yankees have become like the loosey-goosey Red Sox from the Johnny Damon era, and how the Red Sox have become more like the cranky Yanks of the Kevin Brown era.

Not only did Thames, in undoubtedly the happiest night of his career, get the accolades after his exciting walkoff last night against Jonathan Papelbon, but after A.J. Burnett delivered the pie, a bunch of Yankees (including none other than Mariano Rivera) made sure to congratulate him on camera.

As for the Red Sox, catcher Victor Martinez appeared to throw Dice-K under the bus after last night's game, saying:

“I’m just back there trying to help him go through the game. At the end he’s the one who has the ball in his hand. I’m just behind the plate trying to help him. At the end, he’s the one who has the last word. He’s the one who has the ball in his hand. I just put down suggestions and he can say yes or no.”

The New York Times' Tyler Kepner complains today that the Rivalry has become boring, with A-Rod the only player to add "that extra level of drama." Eh, I think there's still plenty of drama - and characters people love to hate, like Joba and Papelbon and Youk and Pedroia. It's just that there are more likeable characters on the Yankees' side now, as opposed to previous years.

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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