Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Listen: John Sterling's lame home run call for Randy Winn

Randy Winn's three-run homer into the Yankees bullpen was the highlight of last night's game. But John Sterling's home run call for him was pretty corny, even by the standards of the creator of the "Something Sort of Grandish" call.

Here it is:
"A three-run home run for Randy!" Sterling exclaimed. "He helps the Yankees...Winn!
You can listen to it online, courtesy of the good folks at It Is High, It Is Far, It Is Caught.

Huh? What a lame call!

Winn's been on the team all year, and that's the best Sterling could come up? A self-referential home run call, playing on Sterling's "The Yankees win" game-ending pronouncement? I expect better from the Voice of the New York Yankees. This call is just plain boring. Besides, what if Winn hits a home run and the Yankees are still losing in the game? Will he still be helping the Yankees "Winn"?

I mean, really. Look at how happy Winn's teammates are with his homer. Don't think they'd be so happy if they had heard this uninspired call!

Just in case Winn - who seems like a very nice guy, as evidenced by his postgame interview with Kim Jones - hits another homer this year, I hope Sterling has something better in the works. Even Yankee Doodle Randy or The Randy Man Can would have been better than what he came up with!

What do you think? Do you have a better home run call? Tell us about it!

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