Sunday, May 2, 2010

A something sort of silly set of interview questions for Curtis Granderson

I was excited to see that the New York Post's Serby's Sunday Q & A featured Curtis Granderson, as I'm been a fan of him since he was with the Tigers. As for the interview itself, a lot of Steve Serby's questions were way over the top, and more appropriate for Tiger Beat than for the sports section!

Here's the very first question: What have you learned about Derek Jeter as a teammate?

Second question: What sense do you get about what he means to the Yankees?

Third question: Have you asked him to fix you up yet?

Fourth question: Well how would you feel about double-dating with him?

When I was growing up, there was a kids' show on ABC called "Kids Are People Too" (It was an updated "Wonderama," without Bob McAllister, but with the very annoying theme song. Readers who grew up in the NYC area when I did will know what all this means! Wackadoo, wackadoo.)

Anyhow, I remember one episode had cast members of "Welcome Back, Kotter" on. And that that the host's first question to them was "What is John Travolta really like?" I knew even as a kid that this was kind of an obnoxious question to ask. It's even more obnoxious when an athlete, famous in his own right, is asked not one but four questions about Derek Jeter - especially those questions about getting Jeter to fix him up, and whether they would double-date.

I mean, really. I know that Serby's Q&A is supposed to show a lighter side of athletes, but those questions are way out of line. Is he writing for a sports department or for Cosmo?

Serby continues on this line of questioning, asking Granderson:

Question Five: Describe your ideal mate.

Then more questions about the famous Yankees he's gotten to meet:

Question Six: Playing behind Mariano Rivera?

Question Seven: Meeting Yogi for the first time?

Question Eight: Tips from Reggie Jackson?

The interview is half over, and nearly every single question is about Granderson's reactions to meeting famous Yankees. One or two questions would have sufficed on that.

Fortunately, the second half of the interview is very good, asking Granderson questions about himself and his life, including visiting South Africa, going on a safari, the "Don't Think Have Fun" slogan written in his hat, his grandmother, and his favorite things.

Serby should have stuck to that method of questioning for the whole piece, and it would have made a much better interview.

* * *

Hope Granderson is a quick healer - him being out with a groin injury is going to decimate the Yankee outfield. Get well soon, Curtis!

In other Grandy news, he's going to be on the Martha Stewart Show Tuesday - noticed the listing last night on my DVR. (Yes, I'm a Martha fan, and I had a great time going to a taping of her show in March! Entertaining show, professional staff, and lots of great goodies for the audience!) You may remember that Martha fixed Curtis' batting gloves on Opening Day. Wonder what's on tap for the show?

Update: I just heard from Curtis Granderson's rep that the show will be taped this Tuesday morning for airing that same morning. So with that quick time frame, hopefully we'll get to hear the latest of his thoughts on the season so far, and how he's feeling. "Martha" airs on at 11 a.m. on Channel 4 in New York - check your own local listings for the time and station. 

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Anonymous said...

Well done!........................................

Jonmouk71 said...

Sorry, Lisa, but to most of us older fans, Wonderama means Sonny Fox, not Bob McAllister!

Steve A said...

Cashman has done it again. Would you reverse the Granderson trade right now if you could? I know I would. Not resigning Damon because you signed the perpetual invalid Nick Johnson is the reason he needs to be fired. Resigning Damon was a no brainer and he has no brains. Then resigning Vasquez was just stupid. Maybe he wants to bring back Ed Whitson next year.

Roger 9 said...

Brian Cashman's firing is long overdue! The acquisition of Vasquez,Johnson, and
Granderson,along with the non signings of Damon and or Matsui are only the latest blunders that have earmarked Cashman's career as Yankee GM.

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