Saturday, May 1, 2010

Home Run Javy and Something Sort of Groinish ruin Yankees' day

I was at the doctor's office this afternoon for an appointment, so I followed the Yankee game on my phone. Let's just put it this way - I wasn't very pleased to see Andruw Jones listed on the phone - twice - hitting a homer against Javier Vazquez. Oh, and Home Run Javy was out of the game before I even got home! It sounded like there were sarcastic cheers mixed in with the boos, at least judging from what I heard on the radio. I taped the game, so I'll listen to the replay later, after my stomach settles.

Then there's Curtis Granderson's groin injury - just heard Joe Girardi say Grandy was likely going on the DL. The center fielder got hurt when I was at OTB wagering on he Kentucky Derby (more on the bet in a sec). Poor Grandy. So I missed hearing if John Sterling declared that it was Something Sort of Groinish! (If you like that joke, I came up with it. If you don't, blame Squawker Jon!)

I did get to hear John Sterling get excited over Nick Swisher's home run to give the Yanks the lead. But I missed A.J. Pierzynski putting the White Sox ahead again.

I'm sure I missed a lot today (then again, maybe not. The Yanks did lose, after all!) I did watch the last few innings at home - what struck me was how unexcited the crowd was, even after A-Rod's hit. There seemed to be little excitement, and no hope that the Yanks would win.

To top it all off, just watched the highlight of 1) Johnny Damon hitting a walkoff homer to win the game for the Tigers, 2) Him tossing his batting helmet in the air the way A-Rod does, and 3) Getting a pie in the face. Why, oh why, isn't he a Yankee anymore?

At least the Phillies killed the Mets today, so Squawker Jon's trash talk will be subdued.

* * *

I know pretty much nothing about horse racing , but I usually make a bet on a horse or two during the Kentucky Derby, just to keep things interesting. Obviously, I wasn't going to bet for Joe Torre's horse in the race.  I went to OTB today (I was literally the only female - and one of the few people under 50 - in the place.) I was in full rube mode as I chose my wagers solely based on the horse's name, the way I usually do. So these are the horsies I dug deep to put down a whole $2 each on, and the reasons why:

* Ice Box - For some reason, Squawker Jon loves that term. I think it reminds him of the "Honeymooners," his all-time favorite show, or something. 10-1 odds when I placed my wager.

* American Lion - I love lions - they snooze 22 hours a day, and every so often feast on some unwary prey. Talk about living the dream! 30-1 odds.

* Dean's Kitten - I don't know who Dean is, but "kitten" is in the name, so as a cat person, that's good enough for me. 50-1 odds.

* Mission Impazible - Squawker Jon thought this was the dumbest name on the list. I plunked down $2, just to tick him off. 20-1 odds.

If Homeboykris, Torre's horse, somehow does well, my miserable day will be complete (I already found out that an endoscopy is in my near future!) Too bad I also couldn't do a bet against the horse!

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Jonmouk71 said...

Homeboykris went nowhere in the Derby, but I noted that in one of the earlier Churchill Downs races, a horse named "Zimmer" won....

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