Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Weekend for Yankees, and this Squawk Monster is peeved!

Squawker Jon may have something to celebrate - not only did his Mets win two of three in the Subway Series, but he wasn't disappointed with the "Lost" finale. Can't say I can say the same. I'm not happy at all with this weekend. Call me Offfically Concerned about the state of the Yankees.

When the highlight of the Yankees' weekend is Javier Vazquez's pitching, and even that was bittersweet (thanks to him banging up his finger on a bunt), you know it wasn't a good series.

Grrrrrrr. As one of our Red Sox fan/Squawker readers pointed out to me on Facebook last night, the Yanks are now just 2.5 games ahead of the Red Sox in the standings. And the Bombers have lost 10 of their last 15 games, and six of their last eight games. Not good.

So, call me the Squawk Monster, as I make some fire-breathing observations:

* Doesn't look like Joe Girardi was happy with Francisco Cervelli not running when he hit the ball that hit the foul pole last night. (The one the umps ruled was a single, not a homer.)

* A Met fan wrote me this on Facebook last night, regarding Francisco Rodriguez's postgame celebrations: "You can't really pick on K-Rod though - at least he only celebrates when the game is over. That Cervelli guy celebrates every time his pitcher throws a strike or he gets a hit. Let him get more than about 30 hits in his career before he starts acting like that." Uh-oh!

* Squawker Jon and I were at the Citi Field finale of the Subway Series last year, where a shaky K-Rod walked Mariano Rivera with the bases loaded. I think I liked last year better!

* CC Sabathia hasn't looked right since that game at Fenway Park where he was one strike away from getting the win, before the rain delay. (Yes, I know he had pretty good numbers against the Sox at Yankee Stadium last week, but he looked like he was battling and struggling the whole time.

* How long before we hear the "A-Rod always strikes out in a big spot" idiots again?

Anyhow, I'm sure I've missed a ton of other things to complain about. But I'm sure Squawker Jon and our Met fan/Yankee hater readers will remind me of them!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


guinness said...

The Mets needed this series and I was very impressed with how they played and handled themselves. If you look at Friday night's game, the Mets would have won that game if Cora didn't throw the ball away on what would have been a double play. If that double play had happened, the Yankees would have been shut out that game and the Mets would have won 1-0.

I can't wait to see how Bay and Davis fare in Yankee Stadium this year!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to the Mets for winning the first Subway series of 2010! We are the Kings of New York! Let's hope that our mighty Mets can take the next series too, or at least get one game to make the overall result 3 games each. Now if the Mets can take the confidence and momentum from this series win and keep it going, we will be ok. Let's go Mets!

Uncle Mike said...

Well, let's see, winning 2 out of 3, at home, against an injury-riddled team? Duh, that's what you're supposed to do! This doesn't prove anything for the Mets. It certainly doesn't prove they're a better team than the Yankees. Only somebody who knows nothing about baseball would say that.

"Kings of New York"... Win a World Series against the Yankees... or anybody in the last 24 years for that matter... and then you can talk about being kings of anything.

And it was NOT a Subway Series. Those only happen in October, and has happened only once in the last 54 years, and we won and you lost.

Riddering said...

The Mets are still in last place in their division while the Yankees are in second in a much tougher division.

Let the Mets celebrate their little victory. Much like 2009's Yanks/Nats series was a little taste of what World Series glory must be like to that last place team, taking 2 of 3 from the reigning champions is as close as the Mets will come for a while.

guinness said...

Uncle Mike, in case you forgot, the Mets are injury-riddled as well. That's no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mikey you must have been born under a lemon tree - talk about bitter!

Anonymous said...

NOT a Subway series? What do you call it? The media made sure that everyone within earshot knew all about it. Every media outlet in the US called it a Subway series.

If you don't want to call it a Subway series, maybe we could come up with another name for it? How about:
- Triboro tilt
- Whitestone wipeout
- Throgs Neck throttling
- Bronx beatdown (i.e. the Mets put a beatdown on the Yankers)

It's funny watching Yanker fans get defensive when they lose, you must have been a joy to be around in 1990!


Uncle Mike said...

Just like you were a joy to be around in 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1983, 1992, 1993, 1994, 2002... not to mention late October 1973, mid-October 1988, late-October 1999 (a Yanks-Braves WS, a supposed nightmare for you), late-October/early November 2009 (a Yanks-Phils WS, the real nightmare for you), and late September of 1998, 2007 and 2008.

I'm getting defensive? What the hell would a Met fan know what being defensive looks like? This is a franchise defined by a birthday party where the cake was handed out and Marv Throneberry was told, "We were going to give you a piece, but we figured you'd drop it."

Nobody called a 1904 (when the Subway first opened) to 1957 (when the teams left) regular-season meeting between the Giants and Dodgers a "subway series," capitalized or otherwise. Because it wasn't a World Series. I realize that having had so few World Series in your history, and having been humiliated in your last one by the Yankees celebrating on your field and the Yankee Fans celebrating in your dump of a stadium, has warped your mind to the point where... Who am I kidding, you have no mind.

One more thing: Pick a better screen name. "Urinalfresh"? Of course, your team plays in Flushing!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I hit a nerve! Touch-y! Looks like somebody can't deal with being in 2nd place, behind the Mets! Until the Yankers beat the Mets, we are the Kings of NY! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Uncle Mike said...

Until the Mets beat the Yankees in a World Series, you're like Ralph Kramden: You're the King of Nothin'.

Anonymous said...

Still can't deal with losing two of three to the Mets? What kind of drivel are they spoon-feeding you over there at the "just say NO to YES" network? A series win is a series win - period. No need to qualify it, just face it, you LOST.

The Emperor said...

Mike, don't let this guy get your goat. The Yanks usually do lose 2 of 3 to the Mets each year in the first match-up and usually win the series in the second match-up.

Right now we're in a collective slup - something that also seems to happen to us this time of year each year.

It happened last year and we won our 27th Championship.

We'll be fine.

The Emperor said...


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