Sunday, May 9, 2010

So what kind of a "Teix" message did Mark Teixeira send with those three homers?

So much for John Henry's "MT" curse. Mark Teixeira's three homers warmed my heart, even if I only got to see one of them live (I had a previously scheduled engagement last night, so I taped the second half of the game. Unfortunately, it aired on FX, not Fox so I missed it all, other than seeing the highlights later!)

Anyhow, you know how John Sterling always says that Teixeira sent a "Teix" message, whenever he hits a home run? I'm wondering what the three messages Mark sent yesterday really said. (And I hope he had the unlimited plan - otherwise, those text messages really add up!) Here are a few ideas of what he may have written:

* Tweet this, John_W_Henry!
* How's that run prevention thingy working out for ya, Theo? LOL!
* My wife was wrong. This town is a great place to shop! I bought my brown suit on Newbury Street!
* Hey, Theo. I got your "bridge" right here!
* OMG! Take that, Peter Gammons!

Do you have any ideas for Mark's "Tex" messages? Tell us about it!


Jonah Falcon said...

"Hey, there really is a Curse of MT!"

Jonmouk71 said...

And Braden pitches a perfect-o against the Rays. Nice to see him use his arm and not his mouth for a change. You have to tip your cap to him...

MONDOAS said...

"Van Every, I don't care if you are a position player or you were Mother Theresa, I'm still going to jack one out of here"!

Uncle Mike said...

"Forget Pesky's Pole, I got Teix's Tower!"

It was awfully loud at Finnerty's yesterday, while next door at Professor Thom's, there was an echo.

Anonymous said...

The Boston Red Sox are toast, GO YANKS!!

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