Monday, May 17, 2010

What do you think of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman?

I was running around a lot this weekend, so I listened to much of those Yankee games in the car. What continues to strike me, beside the goofiness of John Sterling's home run calls (although I did like "Gardy goes yardy!") is how little chemistry John and Suzyn have right now. They might have been a good team at one point, but it's like they're in two different broadcast booths.

For example, more than once, Suzyn will share some tidbit about a player being discussed, only to have John say the same exact thing, as if he didn't hear what she just said. And no, he's not doing that "echoing" thing to show he's listening. It's quite the opposite!

Also, Joe Torre has been gone for 2 1/2 years now. Joe Girardi is the Yankee manager. But how many times does Suzyn say Torre's name instead of Girardi? It's very distracting.

On the positive, I do appreciate Sterling's enthusiasm - I met him at the World Series movie premiere this fall, and he was very nice to me and to other fans. He's not pretending to be excited over what happens in the games; he really is as thrilled as we are. I appreciate that he's not too cool for school, the way other broadcasters of the world can be. (Speaking of which, Joe Buck did a great call for the 1996 Yankees World Series title, but last year's "The Yankees are back on top" was just terrible. I've heard more excitement from DMV clerks!)

However, I can do without what my friend Johnny calls CBS - Chris Berman Syndrome, where Sterling "thinks people tune in for him and not the game." And all too frequently, it's hard to follow what's even going on in the game by listening to the radio broadcasts. Sometimes, John and Suzyn seem to forget that the fans listening can't see the action described - all we have to go on is what they say!

For whatever reason, it seems like complaints about the Yankee radio broadcasts are at an all-time high this year. So I would like to get readers' opinions on John and Suzyn for a longer piece for The Faster Times. Please tell me what you think, whether positive or negative. Thanks!


MONDOAS said...
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MONDOAS said...

When I was a kid, Rizzuto, Messer and White did the games on WPIX. The latter two were good announcers while Rizzuto did his "Rizzuto thing" and you took it as, I now understand this, Rizzuto being Rizzuto. I wonder what I would have thought of his "Huckleberry", "Canoli" and "Cora" stories today. I think because of him and my understanding that this is who we have, I really have accepted Suzyn and Sterling and just go with the flow.
Regarding Buck, I too will never forget "Hayes waits..the Yankees are champions of baseball" or on Leyritz's homerun in game 4 "back.. at the the wall..we are tied". I played 5 years in the NFL and got to meet him in the nineties. I shook his hand and thanked him for that game and I always had a special liking for him. Now, it's like he hates the Yankees and it comes through in his delivery. Sad!!

Uncle Mike said...

What was Sterling's call for tonight's 8th inning? "Chan Ho's taken out of the Park!"

I don't wanna see Chan Ho in any park from now on. And why did Joe take Hughes out so soon? Did he learn nothing from yesterday's game?

Anonymous said...

Joe took Hughes out because he was over 100 pitches; almost every Sox batter was working a deep count against him, and it seemed to me like he was tiring (as evidenced by the three runs he gave up in his last inning of work).

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