Friday, May 21, 2010

My first gratuitous Mets-bashing post of the week

Since I pretty much have nothing positive to say about last night's debacle (the Yankees are looking very overmatched against the Rays), I'll get into the Subway Series spirit and bash the Mets!

Unless the Ticket Fairy or StubHub Santa hooks us up with some ducats, it looks like Squawker Jon and I will not be going to any games this weekend. We both tried the morning that tickets went on sale. The first tickets I saw were $49 each, which is mostly out of our price range. But we still considered getting them, since it is the Subway Series. Unfortunately, we saw a disclaimer that said the tickets could be obstructed view. You know, Yankee Stadium has obstructed view seats as well. They charge $5 for them, not $49!

Anyhow, we let those tix go, and tried again, but the ticket prices were in the hundreds. Just checked this morning to see what was left, and saw that I could get into the game for "only" $98 each, plus service charge. Please. No thanks.

If any of our readers are going, or have an extra ticket or two, please let know! Otherwise, the Subway Squawkers have been derailed from this weekend!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

Well, let's clear a couple of things up. First of all, this is not a Subway Series. You don't use the capital letters unless it's in the World Series. That will never happen again. The Mets had their one and only chance.

Second of all, I won't be going to any of the games, either, although that's a good thing, since with my luck, the game I'd get in to see would be the one Mike Pelfrey starts, and for whatever reason, he pitches much better when I'm in the yard. So it's TV for me.

Finally, let's remember that, as bad as the Yankee pitching was against Tampa, we still scored 6 runs off them each night, including 6 runs in the two 9th innings. If we can do that to the Rays' staff, with several of our players hurt, what can we do to the Mets? Be afraid, be very afraid.

Just remember: We proved last year that WE can hit home runs at Citi Field!

Riddering said...

I'm with Uncle Mike. The Yankees offense isn't overmatched by anyone. In the past three games they've surged in the ninth inning and not only scored runs in what seemed to be a lopsided game but kept bringing the tying run to the plate or on base.

Sure, it's unfortunate that Pettitte had to let go of his grasp on the last Yankee ERA under 2 against the Rays but let's not forget that their bullpen (and closer) barely got the job done last night. Plus, "Big Game James" (aka, the guy who has been to the postseason once in his career) didn't provide a quality start.

Christian Anderson said...

We just had to chime in... Yankees @ Mets tickets for $60 in Promenade Reserved 526, row 2 on May 23

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