Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lighten up, Francis: Dallas Braden threatens physical violence against Alex Rodriguez

Enough is enough. How much trash talk is this clown Dallas Braden going to get away with before MLB steps in? As I noted in a piece for The Faster Times (hat tip to Was Watching), Braden is now threatening to settle issues with A-Rod with knuckles!

Right now, I'd have to classify Braden as somebody clinging as ferociously to the spotlight as the likes of Levi Johnston or Kate Gosselin. And as a pitcher who more resembles Francis (aka Psycho) in "Stripes" than a professional ballplayer. Lighten up, Francis!

Anyhow, check out my Faster Times piece on the situation, and tell me what you think!


kcourtsclayton said...

Ok. Now I'm getting mad. This Dallas Braden kid--whose name no one would even know outside of his own clubhouse--has gone way too far. The unwritten rules in baseball are what they are. Most of them are silly and archaic. Whatever anyone thinks about Alex's actions that day, THE biggest violation of the game is what Braden continues to do two weeks (!!) later. That this kid thinks he has the right to continue this war with a future Hall of Fame player-who is arguably one of the best players in the history of the game-shows that he has no respect for the unwritten rules he so passionately defends.
Even more infuriating is the fact that NO ONE is putting this kid in his place. The outrageous attack against Alex is allowed to continue. If it were anyone (ANYONE) else, Braden would have been put in his place already.
I feel like my head is going to explode.

Uncle Mike said...

Imagine: It's 1987, and Darryl Strawberry has just hit a 450-foot home run, and is wrapping up his hourlong trip around the bases. And the pitcher he hit it off, a 24-year-old punk lefty for the Cubs, in just his 2nd seasons, goes on and on to the media about how Darryl needs to show some respect. Who would've taken that Cub kid seriously?

Greg Maddux? Nope, he was even younger. Jamie Moyer. Except, even then, Maddux and Moyer had too much class to call out a guy who was not only a defending World Champion, but looked like he was going to the Hall of Fame.

Braden needs to be taught a lesson. Not by Yankee fists, but by Yankee bats. And Yankee Fans' reactions. You don't have to use violence to make somebody cry. And... he just might.

MONDOAS said...

I put this on another blog:
Why does this guy continue barking about stuff that only he and the people from the "209" care about? Change that...him, the "209" and the media. I don't count this blog or certain other blogs as media even though you are. You all just report stuff to let us know what's going on. It's never sensationalism. Here is my recommendation for Dallas, take some of the money that you are making and find a dentist in the "209" and get your teeth fixed! O..AND SHUT UP!!

To kcourtsclayton..the problem with other players putting Dallas in his place is, unfortunately, other people don't like A-Rod either because of jealousy or for whatever reason. To me, that is sad because there is a fraternity within the Major Leagues and everyone who has tenure and is eligible for that fraternity should "bitch slap" Dallas because he makes them look bad as well.

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