Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some thoughts on the Yankees-Tigers doubleheader

I have to say I'm finding these New York-Detroit games really bittersweet. Seeing our beloved former Yankee wearing Tiger gear. Watching him play for the other team against the Yankees. Checking out his new hairstyle. Yes, it's really hard seeing Phil Coke on the other side!

Lots happened in yesterday's day-night doubleheader. Here are a few thoughts:

* Javier Vazquez looked like the Javy of early 2004 on the Yankees, the one who was actually good. Everything about him seemed better, especially his body language. It was a hard-luck loss, but hopefully he can build on his very good pitching performance.

* And what can I say about Phil Hughes, other than to call him "ace"! He's really been phenomenal this year - 5-0, with a 1.38 ERA. I think we might see a really special season this year out of him.

* Tim Redding, really? I don't just remember how abysmal he was for the Yankees in 2005 against the Red Sox; I also remember his 3-6, 5.10 record for the Mets last year. Is Brian Cashman determined to get the band back together, and re-sign every former Yankee there is?

* I loved seeing Eminem and Jay-Z in the broadcast booth to promote their stadium concerts. Best part was when Michael Kay said he owed his physique to working out to "Lose Yourself," and Eminem joked that the song didn't work!

* You know what I liked about Jay-Z? That he was actually paying attention to what was happening in the game while being interviewed! He even seemed a little nervous about the game! Hey, he paid more attention than Billy Beane did for Dallas Braden's perfect game!

* After the Yankees knocked around Phil Coke last night, they faced a pitcher named Alfredo Figaro. I started doing the whole "Figaro" opera song, and asked Squawker Jon where I would know that from in pop culture. He said Bugs Bunny's "The Rabbit of Seville." A YouTube search showed that the song was also featured in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, as well as Woody Woodpecker. That's pretty much how I know most high culture references - from old school cartoons!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Uncle Mike said...

Maybe you were singing "Figaro," Lisa, but I was singing the same song I used to sing when Coke pitched for us: "A Coke and No Smile!" Coke is not it!

And as long as we're in a good mood, let me say again: Who still thinks it would have been a good idea to include Phil Hughes in a trade package for The Great Johan Santana?

Anonymous said...

Phil Hughes is like Roger Clemens, when he was first with the Red Sox. Tremendous pitcher. Phil is gaining confidence with each start. Sports Illustrated, stay away!!

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Walter Lantz cartoons (Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, etc) had pretty good classical music too.

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