Sunday, June 28, 2009

A.J. Burnett shuts down Met bats - again

A.J. Burnett - Met-killer? He's now pitched 14 shutout innings against the Mets. And he had a one-hitter last night. If it weren't for Alex Cora, we might be talking about the first-ever Subway Series no-hitter. And Squawker Jon would be in even more despair than he is now!

And while it's true that the Mets have a depleted team right now, the Yanks have also been missing several players - like Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon - due to whatever flu it is going around the Yankee clubhouse. Yet that hasn't held the Yankees down this week.

Tim Redding reminded me of Pedro Martinez last night in this way - once he got to 100 pitches, he completely fell apart. Four pitches - and four hits - in a row? It reminded me of when Redding pitched for the Yanks against the Red Sox!

So much for Citi Field not being a home-run haven. Nick Swisher and Jorge Posada didn't seem to have much of a problem getting the ball out of the park.

And yes, I am getting the broom ready for the sweep, even if Chien-Ming Wang is pitching. Sorry, Squawker Jon!

Maybe, if we're lucky, the cat who showed up at Citi Field on Opening Night (see picture above) will make another guest appearance tonight, when we're in the ballpark. It would make this weekend purr-fect.

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Uncle Mike said...

Now it can be told: It's not that Citi Field is a dampening field for sluggers, it's that the Mets can't hit!

Obviously, they can't hit. After all, if they could, they should be able to hit the Yankees' pitchers, right? After all, the Yankees have lousy pitching, right? Right? Right?

If it sounds like I'm gloating, it's because I am.

In the last 18 innings, the Mets have gotten hits in exactly 2 of them -- 4 hits total.

Injuries? We've got 'em, too. As Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina would say, "Don't cry for me, Argentina!"

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