Friday, September 18, 2009

Ahoy! Avast! Aye Aye! Arr! Getting Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays - International Talk Like a Pirate Day! I was going to do my morning Squawk in Piratespeak, but after a whole lot of ahoys, avasts, aye ayes, and arrs, I ran out of steam!
 (Squawker note -Reader mhochman pointed out that Talk Like a Pirate Day is tomorrow, not today. I was so excited about being a pirate, I forgot how to use a calendar!)

At any rate, I'm still excited over Francisco Cervelli's walkoff hit Wednesday. It was really a cool moment.

I was telling Squawker Jon how confident I was that the Yankees would win - instead of worrying that the Jays would somehow pull out a victory in the ninth, I was wondering which Yankee would be the hero. Would Derek Jeter or Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira get their first walkoff hit of the year? Or would it be Brett Gardner or Francisco Cervelli?

Meanwhile, Squawker Jon was watching the Mets be on the other end of a walkoff win. How sad!

In other news, LoHud's Peter Abraham is moving to the Boston Globe to write about the Red Sox there. He will leave a very big void in baseball beat writers blogs.

On a completely different subject, I wrote about the Philly father and daughter foul ball moment for The Faster Times. I thought it was a really sweet clip.

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Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Pete Abraham does leave a very big void indeed ... huge, obese I might add.

Uncle Mike said...

"Don't be sharp, don't be flat, just be natural."
-- Willie Stargell

If you're going to "talk like a Pirate," let it be a Pirate from the days when they were a respected and feared baseball aggregation.

mhochman said...

Uhh, Jumped the gun a bit, International talk like a pirate day is Sept 19th every year. I know cause it's always the day after my Anniversary

Lisa Swan said...

Thanks for the correction on Talk Like A Pirate Day! And no, I didn't dip into the grog early!

Oh and happy anniversary.

mhochman said...

It is the most wonderful time of the year (talk like a pirate day) we've taken to forcing our employees to wear silly hats and hooks (yes i know it's TALK like a pirate day, and not DRESS like a pirate day, but it's still fun)

So there shall be much timber shivering and booty talkin!

Cap'n Cardfish said...

Arrrrrr, me beauty - here be an offer worth it's weight in pieces of eight!

What better way to celebrate Talk Like a blasted Pirate day than with a FREE mangy eCard featuring your good self talking like a salty sea dog of a Pirate?

Phil said...

I will miss Pete the Sawx don't deserve an honest and classy writer. He is closer to home. Good luck Pete.

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