Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More ways for the Mets to honor the Yankees

Last night, Mariano Rivera was presented with the pitching rubber from his 500th save. I do not have a problem with the Mets sending over the memento - it is a classy thing to do and Mariano is my favorite Yankee.

But Benigno and Roberts on WFAN report that the pitching rubber was accompanied by a congratulatory letter from Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon. And that is a bit much.

As long as the Mets are going to these lengths to honor Yankee achievements at their expense, here are some other things they could send over to Yankee Stadium:

Luis Castillo's glove that he used to drop the popup: In recognition of the Yankees' fifteen walkoff wins this year.

Johan Santana's cap that he wore when he gave up nine earned runs to the Yankees in three innings: In recognition of the Yankees' powerful lineup.

Francisco Rodriguez bobblehead: In recognition of Mariano's first career RBI, achieved when Frankie walked him with the bases loaded.


Even if CC Sabathia wins 20 games, Zack Greinke should still get the Cy Young. But the gap might be narrower than you think. Read more about it here.


Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...


Uncle Mike said...

Why stop there? Somewhere, in the rubble of Shea Stadium, there must have been the ball thrown by Mel Rojas and launched by Paul O'Neill. They should get the ball, get Mel to autograph it, and send it to Paul, and he can show it to Al Leiter every time they're together in the YES booth.

Or maybe Mike Piazza, if he still has any strength left now that his last cycle is long over, can autograph and send the bat from the final out of the 2000 World Series to Yankee Stadium II and have it put in the Yankee Museum.

And maybe Tom Seaver can send the White Sox cap from his 300th win... uh, never mind.

Perhaps the Yankees can return the favor: Joe Torre, David Cone, Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden can send the Mets autographed balls from the 1996 World Series. After all, it's not like the Mets seem to be interested in honoring their own history at Citi Field, unless you count that corner hidden beneath the vistors' bullpen with the old Shea right-field wall Pennants and the Shea Apple.

Is it possible for Squawker readers to see my grin through the screen?

Jana said...

Why don't they just send some food from Shake Shack? CitiField has the better food!! Isn't that enough of a gift between warring factions?

Uncle Mike said...

Only if we make Kyle Farnsworth stick around long enough to taste it. If ya know what I mean. You did say they are "warring factions"!

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