Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How about that Nick Swisher?

I'm not going to say that I called Nick Swisher's walkoff homer last night, although I had a pretty good feeling going into the bottom of the ninth that there would be a pie in some Yankee's immediate future!

Of the Yanks' 13 walkoff wins, Melky Cabrera has three of them, and Alex Rodriguez has two of the hits (three if you count the Luis Castillo popup. But surpisingly, neither Derek Jeter nor Mark Teixeira, two of the Yankees' biggest stars, have any walkoff hits this year to their name.

Speaking of Jeter, why is it so hard for anybody in the media to believe that he's human? Of course he's pressing a little right now - it is to be expected. Why is that that so many suggest that he's some sort of android, who doesn't experience human emotions like the rest of us? I am surprised that he took off after the game without really talking to the media, though. That is not Jeteresque.

In other news, I did watch some of the Mets' Silent Sixth. If only their fans, especially Squawker Jon, would shut their yaps!

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Anonymous said...

it was great to see @nickswisher have some pie


Jonmouk71 said...

Remember how the Yankees got Swisher to play first originally? And then they signed Teixeira? All we heard was how they should now get rid of Swisher, he cost too much if he was just going to be a bench player, etc, etc...... How important has this guy been to the chemistry (which was sadly lacking the last few Torre years) of the Yankee clubhouse? Sure, he's not the greatest OF in the world, but no one else seems to work harder to make himself a better ballplayer.

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