Sunday, September 13, 2009

On Derek Jeter, Baseball Reflections, and changes to the site

A few things about Friday and Saturday's games:
  • I thought it was a really nice moment when Derek Jeter was surrounded by his teammates after he broke the all-time Yankees hits record. I rewound it a bunch of times on the DVR. It was one of the coolest clipsof the year, to be sure.

  • One thing we really take for granted with Jeter is how he has never "embarrassed the stripes," as Steve Lombardi of Was Watching would phrase it. Sure, one could say that (putting on Chris Rock voice) you're supposed to stay out of trouble. What do you want, a cookie? But many young players facing the temptations in this town get entangled in some sort of mayhem at least once. Jeter never has.

  • I wrote something for the site Baseball Reflections about how the Yankees did last month. Of course, it was before A.J. Burnett spit the bit yesterday (as you'll understand why I mention this now when you read it!)

  • I'm redoing the Subway Squawkers site - please be patient if it's a bit buggy! Many thanks to Squawker reader Cindy for the cool logo!

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Ed Leyro said...

I have to give credit where it's due. I am a Mets fan, but I respect Jeter for what he has done on the field and for how he portrays himself off the field. All the money in the world hasn't taken away his humility. His parents have quite a bit to do with that.

I'm amazed that he will probably get his 3,000th hit in early 2011, while he's still 36. Can he approach Pete Rose's record? Wouldn't that be interesting if A-Rod approaches Barry Bonds*' record at the same time Jeter approaches the hit record?

The site is looking super sweet! I love the train station banner. It definitely stands out. Great job!

Anonymous said...

This Red Sox fan stands in total admiration of Derek Jeter. I know you know this already, but you're lucky to be able to root for such a good guy.


Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Interesting that A-Rod led the pack of greeters. Wonder if Jeter has matured to that level.

Jonmouk71 said...

Thanks to the classy Met fans who congratulate Derek Jeter on his milestone...unfortunately, there were as many jealous Met fans that still wouldn't give Derek any credit, saying this "record" really isn't important, too much coverage, etc., etc. So to be fair, now that Jeter has broken the 70 year old Gehrig team record, we may all put on the clock, the milestone of the hit leader for the New York Mets, Steady Eddie Kranepool with 1418 hits (itself a 30 year mark). David Wright and Jose Reyes stand a mere 450+ hits away, meaning you Met fans can look forward to the cameras flashing, daily ESPN reports and waves of nostalgia at Citi Field sometime in 2012. This assuming that there are no year long stays on the DL, and no attempts by Omar Minaya to trade the "core"........

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you are such a classy Yankee Fan Jonmouk. That's the way to do it: When your team is on top, you stomp all over everyone else.

Very Classy! You can really teach those unclassy Met's fans a thing or two.

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