Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guess what? Having a sizzling September doesn't mean you'll be hot in October

How many times have you heard that it's the hottest team, not the best team, that wins in the playoffs? Well, I took a look at all 72 playoff teams this decade, and discovered that this is a myth. Here's my piece for The Faster Times on the issue.

Newsday columnist Ken Davidoff wrote about my argument in his Baseball Insider blog. Very cool. Thanks, Ken!


Anonymous said...

I guess this is comforting if your team is playing .500 baseball for the last couple of weeks.

Uncle Mike said...

This is my big worry: That the Yankees' hot streak is reminiscent not of 1998, but of 2006, when they were phenomenal in August and September, and then came October, and, well, the Yankees turned from contenders into pretenders.

The time has come to erase the ghosts, as it was in 1996, in 1977, in 1961, in 1949, in 1941, in 1927.

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