Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the very overrated White Sox GM Ken Williams

I just wrote a piece for The Faster Times about the deadline moves that Chicago White Sox General Manager Ken Williams made. I thought Alex Rios was, as I wrote three weeks ago, Williams' $60 million mistake. And trading for the injured Jake Peavy also made very little sense.

Now, just a few weeks after taking on over $110 million for just two players, Williams raises the white flag. I understand getting rid of Jose Contreras - he has been awful as of late - but the Jim Thome trade is strange on both sides. Go here to read why I think that.


Anonymous said...

Overrated...ha. He's consistently underrated. The Sox made a couple of similar moves in 2004. They acquired Freddy Garcia and Jose Contreras. No, they didn't make the postseason that year. However, the next year they had one of the best rotations in baseball. They went on throw four straight complete games in the ALCS, and carried the team to a World Championship. That's the plan with Peavy and Rios: 2010 and beyond. Not many teams can match up with Peavy-Buehrle-Floyd-Danks.

Paul from Boston said...

I'm stumped by Colorado picking up Contreras.

Jonmouk71 said...

Contreras needed a change in scenery but I'm not sure that Coors is the right place. Thome was struggling but the Dodgers didn't give up much. I was waiting for Ozzie to erupt over the white flag but he hasn't - I still think he leaves Chi-town at the end of the season to go to....Los Mets. Why? He's the anti-Manuel.

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